Thursday, January 25, 2018

Peak Sexism


I can't remember if I blogged about Larry Nassar, world's worst man, when the news about the accusations against him first came out. I remember reading about it a while ago, when the trend of sexual harassment and assault allegations was first starting. Or was it during or just after the 2016 Olympics? I honestly can't remember, because it's all so fucking disturbing that my brain is very reluctant to process any of it.

But now that it's everywhere, I don't feel the need to force my brain to pay attention to it long enough to write about it. I thought I could let it all pass without having to add my voice to the masses because this is one of the few things we can all agree on, right? 150 victims and a full confession are too much even for the most ardent deniers.

I continue to underestimate men's capacity for bullshit.

Apparently, there are men out there complaining about the judge in the Nassar case because she was too mean or some shit to the serial child predator while she was tearing him a new one fOR BEING A SERIAL CHILD PREDATOR. AND EXPECTING SOME KIND OF SYMPATHY.

In reality, Judge Aquilina was a badass awesome fucking miracle of a woman and treated that steaming pile of filth with the exact right level of disgust. But now, a woman is being harassed for tweeting this:

It's worse than them calling Judge Aquilina "mean." Looking through Celia's tweet list, men are calling this incredible judge an "attention whore," too emotional, and accusing her of doing it for political points.

News flash guys! People with souls don't need the motivation of political points to treat SERIAL CHILD MOLESTERS with disdain. And the fact that you apparently didn't know this makes me want to treat you with disdain :). I hate you.

And seriously you know you're standing up for the worst guy ever, right? Like lol is your hatred of women really worth this? MEN.

Also there's an entire thread explaining how judges are constantly expressing their judgments of defendants, calling them "thugs," "animals," "monsters," and have we not been yelling loud enough about all the judges who blame victims of abuse and rape, even when the perpetrator has confessed? But NOW you're concerned about judges offering their opinions on the bench?

Fuckkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

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