Monday, January 29, 2018

One More Terrible Thing for Today


Due to antisemitism on the left, I want to first say that many Jewish individuals are against this, and many Israeli citizens are against this. This is an act of the state. Okay?

New Program Will Pay Israeli Citizens Nearly $9K to Hunt, Capture African Migrants for Deportation


Under the nation’s Population and Immigration Authority, civilians would become so-called “immigration inspectors” tasked with “carrying out enforcement tasks against illegal aliens and their employers” for the government’s immigration ministry, Newsweek reported. The ministry has offered “appropriate pay” and upwards of $8,600 in bonuses just to sweeten the deal. 
Their goal? To hire at least 100 inspectors by March 2018. A notice posted by the ministry last week stated that 70 inspectors would be brought on for a two–month period to carry out the aforementioned tasks, as well as to “locate, detain and monitor illegal” individuals when necessary. Moreover, the ministry said it’d like to hire 40 people to aid in conducting “comprehensive questioning and investigation of asylum seekers.”

I don't have to point out the obvious, do I? No, because Holocaust survivors are already doing that.

In an open letter sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, the 36 signatories implored Israel to cease its plans to deport Africans, citing their own experience as refugees. 
"We, who know precisely what it's like to be refugees, to be homeless and bereft of a state that preserves and protects us from violence and suffering, cannot comprehend how a Jewish government can expel refugees and asylum seekers to a journey of suffering, torment and death," the 36 Holocaust survivors wrote.

And that's just about the deportations, not the scheme to hire random citizens to HUNT DOWN and CAPTURE these human beings.

The intense dehumanization of migrants is terrifying. We should all know by now that calling people "illegal" was something that nazis did to Jewish individuals before rounding them up and murdering millions of them. And now this:

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has painted a less-than-pretty picture of the African migrants, describing their presence as a threat to Israel’s social fabric, Reuters reported. Another government minister likened them to “cancer.”

It only goes downhill from here.

I have a hard time believing that anyone has forgotten history. I think they just don't care.

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