Tuesday, January 23, 2018

ICE is Targeting Immigrant Activists for Deportation

Am I the only person terrified by this? Sorry, am I the only white person terrified by this? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

ICE targets prominent immigration activist for deportation

Maru Mora Villalpando, 47, known nationwide as an immigrant leader and a key organizer of protests at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, received a notice to appear in immigration court, a first step toward deportation. 
“I believe that ICE sent me this letter and started deportation proceedings against me because they are not so much against my immigration status, but against my political work,” Villalpando said in her first interview since receiving notice from ICE. “This is political oppression. That’s what they’re doing. ICE is finalizing the transition from law enforcement into a political-oppression apparatus.”

It's not just her. News of important immigrant activists being detained and flagged for deportation keeps popping up across the country.


The rest of us have to do something. We need to protect them. They're being targeted because so many people in this country have already convinced themselves that immigrants, at least brown ones, don't deserve any rights. That the U.S. Gestapo can do anything to them, that they deserve to die, because they crossed an imaginary line in the sand in a desperate bid to survive. Those of us that recognize that humans are human have to fight ICE. I will.

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