Thursday, January 18, 2018

Deportation is Heartless


I do not understand how so many people can be okay with deportations. Whether they're dreamers or are "contributing" to the economy or not. Deportations tear apart families, often putting the part of the family that stays at economic risk (when most of these families are already in or close to poverty), and they put the deportee's life at risk. What of the man who was brought to this country at age 10, too old to be a dreamer but still a fucking child?

And what of all the people who came here as adults, fleeing horrific gang violence in their countries caused by our "war on drugs," but not classified as refugees because ????? probably because our government would have to spend a little money to help them or something. Or admit it did wrong. They came here because it was the best option out of a lot of shit options. It may have been the only option with a reasonably low risk of death, though the journey would still have been very dangerous.

What of the men coming here to work so they can send money back to their families? What noble men they are, leaving all their loved ones and friends behind to make a difficult journey to a strange and hostile country, to work long hours for low pay and no benefits, exploited and overworked, doing the work that white people in the U.S. literally cannot handle, just so they can make their families' lives easier. Because again, we made their countries violence and unstable. If these countries are shitholes, it's because we made them shitholes. I'd rather be from a "shithole" country than an evil one.

And what of these mystical "economic migrants" used as scapegoats by white supremacists and general racists? Even if they exist exactly as these bigots describe them, I don't care. If a few men get away with coming here when they don't necessarily need to just to make some more money, who gives a fuck? They're not the ones making you poor, I promise. It's the billionaires hoarding billions of dollars for themselves, keeping it out of the economy and sucking up resources from those "shithole countries" and exploiting their workers to make yet another buck to add to the massive pile. If thousands, maybe millions of people can come here and be safe, if families can stay together without fear, if we stop sending people to die in countries they barely even remember, it's 10,000% worth it.

Bring on the economic migrants. They can't possibly do more damage to us than we've done to their homes.

But again, they're imaginary. Boogeymen invented to give heartless racist fucks an out. They can pretend they're against "economic migrants," and that justifies an immigration system that causes massive suffering and incalculable death. In reality, they'd rather people of color die than come live within their imaginary borders. Because they are heartless, soulless monsters. In reality, economic migrants are very often refugees who haven't been classified as refugees. Yes, many immigrants come to white-controlled countries to make more money, because in their home countries, they're in desperate poverty that leaves them at high risk of death.

Others actually immigrated to places like Libya on the promise of good-paying work, only to realize they were lied to, and then they're basically or literally enslaved. If they manage to flee, they might have to take themselves and their families far away to avoid being recaptured or to avoid retaliation against their families. So they head for Italy on incredibly dangerous voyages that have resulted in thousands of people, including children, dead in the water.

But racists who scream about "economic migrants" don't care about reality. Because they are heartless. They don't care if other people suffer and die, because they're heartless. Flee to England or die? Racists (conservatives) think they should just die. Because they're fucking monsters.

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