Friday, January 19, 2018

Also Heartless: Border Agents


It's tough to get me to this level of infuriated anymore but like, it's too the point that I can't even make words to describe how I'm feeling, it just feels like my brain might explode and my eyeballs might melt out of my head as I just scream a scream that will echo to the ends of the universe and hopefully shatter the world.

They have poured out or sabotaged over 3,500 gallons of water. Look at the smug fuck in that video, just pouring out that water. Flint, Michigan still doesn't have clean water. Cape Town in South Africa is facing a serious water crisis with only 90 days of clean water left for its citizens. And this shitfucker just stands there and pours out good water that could save the life of someone dying in the desert because god forbid a migrant live to make it somewhere safe in our country.

These supplies are left out there because so many migrants die in that desert. The migrants aren't going to know about it, and if they somehow do, they aren't going to know that these abhorrent shams of human beings are actively sabotaging them. Doing so is not going to be a deterrent. It's clearly not, because migrants keep fucking dying out there even though they've been doing this for a long fucking time.

So the only conclusion that we can make is that these border agents want the overwhelmingly Lantinx migrants to die out there. They want them to die. They want them to die horribly of thirst and exposure rather than live to exist in the U.S.

And they are dying. How many human beings have come across these emptied water jugs and died of thirst after? How many people has the border patrol fucking murdered??? How much blood do you have on your hands, you soulless demons??? Huh???

I fucking hate this country and everything about it. And I hate racists. So much.

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