Tuesday, January 23, 2018

All Hail the New Economy!

There is a reason that government reports are claiming that the economy is so much better and unemployment rates are low. Unemployment rates are, technically, low - for a capitalist system, at least. But here's why you're still miserable. Alternatively, here's why us poor Millennials are still complaining.

The majority of US workers live in "employment monopsonies" where there is little or no competition for workers

Basically, monopolies are back, because we got rid of all those monopoly and anti-trust laws that workers fought so hard for! So now even though there are jobs, there is so little competition for workers because there are like five giant corporations who own everything.

So yeah, we have jobs. They all pay shit and give no benefits, they all demand two years of experience for "entry level" positions. Many of them demand that you work ridiculous hours with no schedule stability or notice. And when people tell us to just find another job if we don't like how we're being treated or paid, we just have to laugh as we scream on the inside. Because THERE IS NOTHING BETTER.

Where should I work in the Seattle area? Amazon? Or Microsoft? Or Amazon? Or Microsoft? OH or maybe one of those tech startups that will inevitably be bought up by Amazon or Microsoft????

This is an inevitability in capitalism. We can turn back the clock a little sometimes by literally sacrificing some of our lives in terrible struggle, but capitalism will keep marching us toward the company town.

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