Thursday, December 7, 2017

This is Why I Don't Trust Democrats

Here's what I don't get. When antifa is out there protecting us from nazis, which includes using a bit of self-defensive violence, Dems and liberals are all "when they go low, we go high!" When college students protest white supremacist speakers and try to disrupt their spouting genocidal rhetoric, Dems and liberals are super into their morals and being better than Republicans and letting everybody speak and also violence is always wrong no matter what!

Then when multiple women come forward to accuse Senator Al Franken of sexual harassment/assault and he decides to resign, suddenly they're so practical! Suddenly a strong morality isn't as important as beating Republicans. Suddenly they're willing to be hypocrites, weaken their position against Roy Moore, and become more like the people they're supposed to have the moral high ground over.

Isn't that just so fucking interesting??

It's almost like every time it comes to protecting marginalized persons, whether it be the women who are so much more likely to be victims of sexual harassment/assault or all of the people who will be victimized (slash murdered) by nazis if we let them have their way, the liberal ideology suddenly switches from idealism to pragmatism.

This is why I don't trust the Democrats. Because when it comes down to it, it's clear that all they care about is their own power. If it's easy to promote a high road kind of morality to make themselves seem better than Republicans, they do it. But the moment it's inconvenient, the people they're supposed to represent can go right under the bus. This is why Democrats keep shifting to the right instead of actually helping the poor, marginalized, and oppressed. When it might get them more votes, who cares if some of their politicians are pro-lifers? When it threatens their reputation among weak centrists and racist liberals, then it's time to condemn the scary actual-left antifa!

And we're told we still have to vote for Democrats because Republicans are worse, but at what point do Democrats and Republicans become indistinguishable? All the time I become more convinced that our only real option is to let this shit burn down. Because going along with these worse-than-useless Democrats is hurting more and more people. I've been told it's not the right time for a revolution because it would hurt too many people. But does revolution become impossible when things are good, because people become complacent?

I'm tired of being betrayed. I'm tired of being told I need to adhere to moral standards that Dems are willing to throw the fuck out the window when we need them most.

If you're willing to defend sexual predators when it's politically convenient, why the fuck should I support you? Because if I don't, more people die?

This is a hostage situation and I'm fucking sick of it.

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