Monday, December 18, 2017

Afternoon Announcements

I wasn't sure I was going to take an entire two weeks off, but I'm feeling like I need to make myself take two weeks off from something. I'll be doing other work this week and then taking next week off from everything. I honestly should take much more time off than I do, and so should just about every person unfortunate enough to live and work in the U.S. except for the rich fucks who do nothing of value all day every day and are just black holes for resources that should be going to the poor.

I also feel like I might need some kind of mental reset. I've been dipping into some depression lately, mostly over the state of the country and an increasingly dim and uncertain future. I feel like, since the ruling class has put us into this state where any amount of money we try and save doesn't matter because one illness or accident is going to wipe all of that out and plunge us into massive debt anyway, I should lean full into the "fuck money, enjoy life" philosophy, but my anxiety is not down with that. It would rather... constantly worry about money. Fuck.

I think my campaign internship is going to die after the new year, but I've found other work, and it's work-from-home work, so I should be okay, and blogging should get back into full swing. Maybe I'll uhhhhhh.... exercise?? Or something.

In some good news, I have moved forward with changing the blog to Revolutionary Feminism. I've commissioned a lovely woman to make the banner image, and then depending on how much I can make on this new job, next month I may be able to hire a proper site designer.

This is all going to cost money so if you want to donate, I have a thing on the right side of your screen there or an entire donate page. I'm hoping to find a trans woman of color web designer or someone else who has difficulty finding work due to cultural bigotry, so donations any donations go right into her pocket.

And for the holidays, I have gifts for you all! Oh, sorry, did I say gifts? I meant gifs.

See you in 2018!

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