Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Day of Victories!


UPDATE: Apparently this isn't real at all. It's a fake article meant to show us how easy it would be for this to happen, further illustrating how ridiculous it is that they won't just fucking change the team name. And also, apparently, I can't be bothered to read giant bolded disclaimers right at the beginning of articles. My bad.

Yes, Doug Jones beat Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat, yes it's amazing, yes it's a relief, yes also the fact that anybody voted for Roy Moore when he's so clearly a child molester makes me want to puke, and yes absolutely we have black people to thank but need to thank them with more than our words, more on that later.

But also, holy shit, I actually thought this would never happen:

Washington Football Ditches Controversial Name for Redhawks

No way!!!!

Wednesday morning the Washington football team franchise released a new name, logo, and mascot for the 2018 football season. The rebranded Washington logo features the head of their new mascot: the Redhawk. Washington fans will recognize the maroon and gold colors of their home team “kept to commemorate the enduring legacy of the Washington football team franchise.” 
The team’s statement reads, “In a time of deep divisions, football has always been and always will be a great unifier. Under the values of courage, commitment and achievement, the Washington football team is proud to announce the Washington Redhawks, a mascot everyone can cheer for.”

Oh shut the fuck up you took way too long to do this and have been fighting it for years and ignoring it for decades before that.

Way to go, Native Americans who got this done, and nobody else. You rule. Black people rule. We white people need to do soooooo much better.

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