Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Yes, Lena Dunham is Terrible


Everybody already saying this but I feel I need to add my voice to the call as a white feminist. The fact that Lena Dunham calls herself a feminist and then calls a black woman a liar when she speaks out about being raped by Lena's friend at the age of 17 is the epitome of White Feminism (TM). #MeToo isn't just for white women. Solidarity shouldn't just be for white women. Black women and other women of color face racial stereotypes and general hateful racism as additional barriers when coming forward to report being victimized, and Lena Dunham leaned the fuck into that, hard. Then in her retraction, she didn't apologize, she didn't say she believes Aurora Perrineau, and in fact didn't retract anything. Lena instead claimed to be "naive" and said it was the "wrong time"...... to issue a statement calling Perrineau a liar and standing by her rapist friend.

There is no evidence out there to suggest that Perrineau's accusation is false. And I do not believe for a second that someone who has claimed to be a feminist for so many years and has made a career off of that feminism was "naive" just a couple days ago on a situation that is so common and so fucking basic in terms of feminism. You don't automatically side with someone accused of rape and call the victim a liar, even if that guy is your friend. And you being white while the victim is black makes that so much worse. Even baby feminists know that.

Anyway, read what some women of color have to say about Lena Dunham that we all should have been listening to years ago:

Lena Dunham's response to rape allegations against a "Girls" writer is a perfect example of white feminism

Lena Dunham Is Trash, Issues Apology for Defending Friend Against Rape Accusations

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