Monday, November 20, 2017

Request for Donations

Hey soooo doing this internship for the De-Escalate campaign is cool and I feel like I'm doing good work, but I only get a small stipend each month that doesn't even quite cover rent. I'm doing some writing on the side to try and make up the rest but it's gonna be a stretch. A lot of that money will have to come from a content mill, meaning I get paid a low fee per piece of content I produce, so I have to work intensely non-stop without breaks for things like blogging if I want to make a semi-decent wage.

The more I make from other sources, the less I have to subject myself to this product of a late-capitalist drunk shit. So if you were ever thinking of donating to my blog, now is a good time.

The best way to donate to me is through Paypal, and here is my link.

Otherwise you could donate through my Patreon which I still have for some reason.

Please only donate if you're not struggling yourself. I have options if I'm not able to make enough. I'll be perfectly fine, I just want to be able to spend more time writing cool stuff for awesome folks.

Have a bonus gif:

Wow that is precious.

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