Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Puerto Rico Still Fucked But We're Pulling Support Anyway

Remember Puerto Rico? Yeah, half of the people there still don't have power and 1 in 10 are still without running water. And we're leaving them like that.

US general leads troops out of Puerto Rico

Not just troops, though.

Troops are being pulled out, too, along with helicopters that have flown supplies and equipment to communities cut off by landslides and broken roads.

If it were just troops I might be like "okay fuck you, you always make things worse anyway" but the fucking helicopters? So the people still cut off can really just fucking die then, huh?

Puerto Rico is still highly fucked and I'm not even slightly convinced that now is the "right time to transition."

CNN research this month found entire communities still without electricity, and there are ongoing contract and technical problems with power restoration -- last week just one incident on a transmission line wiped out power in San Juan and elsewhere for several hours. There's not even a reliable number for how many people were killed in Hurricane Maria and its aftermath, and the island's director of emergency management resigned on Friday.

Things are so bad that people are being airlifted out to the mainland. How are you gonna say that helicopters aren't needed anymore?

This is just another "fuck you" from the federal government that never gave a shit about Puerto Rico outside of how it could exploit it. 

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