Friday, November 17, 2017

Over 33,000 Refugees Have Died Trying to Reach Europe

A German newspaper just released a report detailing the names of 33,293 refugees who have died on the journey from the homes they had to flee to the safety of a European country since 1993. That is a huge number of people in less than 25 years.

Most of these people were made refugees because of wars started by the U.S. and European allies to gain more wealth and power. You can add these people to the civilian death count. But they also died because of anti-refugee laws.

The newspaper said it wanted to document "the asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants who died since 1993 as a consequence of the restrictive policies of Europe on the continent's outer borders or inside Europe".  
The majority of the people on the newspaper's list drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. 
Last year was the deadliest for migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean, with at least 5,079 dying or going missing during their journey, according to the UN International Organisation for Migration (IOM). 
According to the body, a crackdown on the Western Balkan path and the EU-Turkey deal has forced refugees and migrants to choose more dangerous routes to Europe.

Remember that fucking white supremacist boat that literally went out and tried to disrupt rescue operations out in the Mediterranean to save refugees from drowning? I fucking hate them even more now. Not to mention all the continuing white supremacist efforts to keep refugees out of "their" counties. They're literally killing people. They are responsible for these 33,000+ deaths. White supremacy is murder.

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