Monday, November 6, 2017

Mentally Ill Women Everywhere Keep Not Committing Mass Shootings


I'm tired to death of the same narrative playing out over and over and over with mass shootings. You know the one. It's gotten to the point where I'd rather avoid reading about them, talking about them, or feeling about them. Not in the least because it seems like no matter what I say, and no matter what anyone else says, it doesn't change. At all.

Here are the things that are true:

1. Everything is already political.
2. Mass shootings happen nearly every day in the U.S.
3. No other country that is generally called "developed" or "first world" has anything even slightly kind of close to the same amount and scale of mass shootings as we do.
4. All of those countries have much more stringent gun control laws than we do.
5. The vast majority of the perpetrators of our mass shootings are men, with the strong majority of them being white Christian men.
6. Women have higher rates of mental illness than men.

I don't know what else leftists have to do to convince people that the mass shooting problem is A) a toxic masculinity problem and B) could be greatly remedied in the short term with reasonable gun control laws. I guess the truth is that the NRA and toxic white men are so entrenched in our society and our politics that it's going to be impossible to take them on without a ground-level revolution. We have to kill the roots because the weed is completely out of control, like an invasive species. It's going to be hard fucking work.

Part of me wonders if there is at least a way to effectively target the constant, exhausting hypocrisy from people on the right. Liberal comedy shows like The Daily Show constantly playing clips right next to each other of the same old rich white guy saying "politicizing this tragedy is disgusting" and then "we need to keep all the Muslims out of our country" right after an attack appearing to be in the name of ISIS has become predictable, tiresome, and boring. It's been done to death because that mockery apparently doesn't work at all. Is there a way to shame people who have no shame? Is there a way to get the people who only watch Fox News to realize, acknowledge, and/or care about the constant fucking hypocrisy from the people they support? To stop tolerating it, to vote them out?

Maybe I just need to accept that it doesn't bother other people like it bothers me. That many people are perfectly willing to ignore it if it serves their own racism and Islamophobia and political dogma.

Anyway. Mentally ill woman here. Still never committed a mass shooting.

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