Thursday, November 30, 2017

Major Media Outlet Trying to Make Feminists Look Terrible


Apparently, some major national publication contacted Ijeoma Oluo to try and get her to say that she doesn't believe in due process. I'm kind of floored, like this is some Men's Rights Activist, alt-right bullshit where they find a woman willing to say exactly what they want for some money and pay her to say things that make women/feminists look bad.

They want a woman to write that she doesn't believe in due process.

Seriously it's like that white supremacist dude hiring a woman to lie about being sexually abused by Roy Moore. I mean, it's not that extreme, but seriously what the fuck, major nation publication?? They must know how bad it would make a person look to say "I don't believe in due process." You might as well say "I hate justice." I really hope they can't find a woman desperate enough for money to manipulate into saying that shit, because it would damage the entire feminist cause of supporting women and fighting rape culture.

You should look up Ijeoma's entire thread because she explains the real thought behind the "believe women" movement. It's a massive misconception that feminists don't want due process for men accused of sexual harassment/assault. The reality is that the entire world isn't a court of law, and believing and supporting women who come forward isn't a violation of legal due process. Treating everything with the coldness of a legal proceeding is incredibly harmful for victims of any and every crime, but there's only one kind of crime where the victims are widely disbelieved and treated like criminals themselves.

And like Ijeoma points out, if you're going to accuse someone of lying, they deserve due process just as much as those accused of any other crime. Since making a false report to police is in itself a crime. So.

I don't blame Ijeoma if she doesn't want to name the media outlet that fielded her this bullshit. But whoever they are, they should be fucking ashamed of themselves. And if the name of that company does come out, I am going to have some words for them. To under-exaggerate to the millionth degree.

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