Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Hey Taylor Swift, Denounce White Supremacists

If this seems entirely random, I'm responding to this:

Taylor Swift Issues Defamation Threat Against Blogger Who Demanded She Denounce White Supremacy

Lol what?

Two weeks ago, Herning received a letter from William J. Briggs, II, an attorney representing Swift, demanding that she remove the story and issue a retraction. The letter labels Herning’s blog post as “provably false and defamatory” and threatens a lawsuit.

This was sent to the editor of a small pop culture blog called PopFront. I don't know if it's as small as this blog, though I doubt it is now. For better or worse.

What's weird is that this is far from the first time I've seen someone point out that Taylor Swift is a white supremacist darling, which should be horrifying to any decent person, and the only thing she needs to do to remedy this is to issue a strong and straightforward denouncement of these little shits. It's literally the easiest thing. Unless you don't want to. For some reason.

It's also not the first time someone's gone WTF about this "Look What You Made Me Do" song. I haven't listened to it but if it contains white supremacist dog whistles I'm not surprised at this point because she still hasn't fucking denounced white supremacists like um??? But she decided to threaten this little rando blog with a lawsuit?

Well I'm hoping to get on this publicity train (just kidding this is pure spite/solidarity with small political bloggers) so.

Taylor Swift, I demand you denounce white supremacists. Why haven't  you done it yet. Are you a white supremacist? Or do you just love their money? Or both? If you remain silent you're just telling us that you're on the side of nazis. And it's becoming clear that you know that.

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