Friday, November 17, 2017

Hey Free Speech Warriors, Where Are You?

Houston police have threatened and are persecuting a woman because she has a truck decal that says "Fuck Trump and fuck you for voting for him."

Driver with the ‘F*CK TRUMP’ sticker on her truck has been arrested for an outstanding warrant

Yesterday, Fonseca’s sticker went viral after Fort Bend County’s Republican Sheriff made a since-deleted Facebook post calling for disorderly conduct charges against the driver of the truck.

And yes, the ACLU did jump on this, telling Fonseca to give them a call. Meanwhile, the cops did arrest her on some old fraud charges or something, but this is clearly about the fucking Trump  sticker. Was it even legal for the cops to publicly threaten her like that?

But anyway, as usual, I'm waiting for the free speech warriors who are always so very very concerned about the ability of dudes to harass women on college campuses and be racist without being told off. Here we have actual governmental law enforcement harassing a woman for expressing political  speech, so I expect a full campaign against the Houston police. I'll just hold my fucking breath until I die because lol you get it.

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