Wednesday, November 29, 2017

GOP So Transphobic They Circle Around to Supporting Non-Binary People

So you know how Danica Roem beat the proudly transphobic and homophobic incumbent to become the first trans congresswoman in Virginia's history? That was fucking awesome. But the Virginian GOP is so fucking transphobic that they're lashing out at Roem in particular by mandating that "gentleman" and "gentlewoman" be replaced by "delegate" when discussing shit on the congressional floor just so that they don't have to call her a woman.

To be clear, even though they played themselves by embracing a gender neutral honorific, this is not something to be celebrated by us cis folks. This was a massive transmisogynistic "fuck you" to Congresswoman Roem, an amazing woman who worked incredibly hard to overcome massive barriers and won her position fair and square. Republicans hate trans women that much.
Roem, of course, is being awesome about it.

Delegate-elect Roem said: “What matters the most is that I’m there. 
“What matters the most to the people of the 13th District is that the woman they elected to serve them will be working on their behalf. 
“I will be the delegate from Prince William, and I will conduct myself as the gentlewoman from Prince William while I’m in Richmond and in any other official capacity in which I serve.”

Basically, in your face, Republicans. You can deal with it or you can fuck off. Please do the latter, you're horrible people who should not be leaders of anything. 

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