Monday, November 13, 2017

Fuck Your Heroes


As I've expressed on Twitter, trying to write about all of these sexual assault/harassment/abuse/rape accusations against powerful men has been exhausting even to think about. I spent years writing about how sexual predators are everywhere and begging people to take allegations seriously and  screaming about how none of these men ever face any consequences. Now they finally are, and I don't even feel good about it? I just feel tired. And honestly, there's some bitter anger under there.

I don't know why the correct results are finally happening. Why women and other victims are  suddenly being believed. But I'm pissed that it didn't happen sooner and I still ache for all the past victims who never got justice, or didn't get it when they really needed it. If it was this easy, why didn't you believe them years ago? Media companies, if it was this easy, why didn't you punish sexual predators that you've ALWAYS known were predators way back before they could victimize so many others?

I mean. I'm glad. Or I'm trying to be. But also kind of highly suspicious. Like I'm waiting for popular opinion to turn the other way and media companies to go back with it. That's the shit thing about capitalism. Justice is a market thing. Media companies are only cancelling shows and firing people because they think that's the profitable thing to do. I don't believe for a second that they finally found their conscience.

I also feel betrayed every time some dude I know bemoans the falling of his "heroes" or some shit. Like man let's focus on the real victims here. They're the women and men who have been assaulted, not your "heroes," and not YOU for having to realize that the dudes you never met turned out to be predators. Just wait until you realize how many of your friends and family members are predators, too.

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