Monday, November 13, 2017

Do We Really Have a Nazi Problem?

If you're still in doubt that the world is seeing a resurgence in nazism, nationalism, fascism, or what have you, please bring your attention to these headlines:

60,000 people march in massive Nazi rally in Poland

Right-wing racists flew in from Slovakia, Hungary, and Spain to join tens of thousands of Poles at a white supremacist rally in Warsaw on Saturday where marchers bore signs with messages like “Europe Will Be White” and “Clean Blood.” 
Reporters on hand said the crowd numbered roughly 60,000, citing police estimates. A polish neo-Nazi group called The Radical Camp, borrowing its name from a 1930s fascist movement in the country, organized the march.


20,000 Nazis March in Kiev. The Western Media Somehow Fails to Notice.

On Saturday night, up to 20,000 far-right radicals honored the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) – a paramilitary group led by Stepan Bandera, which actively collaborated with Hitler’s Germany. They brandished lit torches, smoke pellets, and flares as they chanted fascist slogans. And some participants openly gave Nazi salutes during the rally.

That second one is from a few weeks ago, and let me tell you, it fucked me up when I read it. 20,000 nazis? 20,000? But fuck that, now we've got 60,000 in Poland! Hahahaha fuck!!!

If you think this isn't a problem because it's not in the U.S. or Canada or the U.K. or wherever you live that you think is special and immune to fascism, consider that A) technology has made the world much smaller than it used to be and ideas are spread easily across borders, and B) clearly being a nazi is no longer an unspeakable taboo anymore. If it's become okay in these countries, it's only a matter of time before it comes to yours.

P.S. It already has, did you forget about Charlottesville already? They're here and committing atrocities already, time to fight before you become one of those people who did nothing to stop it.

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