Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dear Men, You Are Not Entitled to My Time

In yet another demonstration of men thinking they're entitled to my time, attention, and energy, a man calling himself "liberal" sent me an entire essay on how wrong I am about South Park contributing to the rise of the "alt-right." As is typical for me these days, I refused to read it. Because I am 99% sure I already know what's in it, that being the same goddamn arguments used by other South Park fans over and over and over any time the show is criticized in any way. Maybe with a bonus "do you think [unrelated thing] led to Hitler then," which I've already heard multiple times.

One thing I need need need liberal men to realize in addition to the fact that you are NOT entitled to any aspect of me is that the thoughts that appear in your head are not original. A million other dudes have already thought the same thing and voiced said thought to some unfortunate woman.





I took a screenshot of the essay, which could not fit entirely on my screen, but it was only a little longer than what is in the image.

If blowing the image up to its full size allows you to read all that, I still don't recommend doing so. I just want you to see how many fucking words he sent me.

Look. I've had to learn that my time and energy are valuable and I don't need to use them up on every fucker who demands it of me. I've also learned that I have a powerful tendency to engage in fruitless arguments with people online as trauma reenactment, which inevitably eats up several hours of my time and a ton of energy only to leave me angry and feeling as though humanity is irredeemable. It's not a good feeling.

So I've learned to exercise my ability to say "no." Of course, men don't respond well to that, do they?

That is hilarious because I did not stand over him with a gun forcing him to read my article. I never did that. Yet because he voluntarily read my article, he thinks he is now entitled to my time and attention on his unpublished screed.

He followed up on that gem by trying to convince me of how very special he is.

Click to Enlarge

"You could learn a lot from my email" lmao oh Alex, my dude, you have no idea how boring you are. You are one of so many millions of identical "liberal" dudes who are into justice as long as it doesn't inconvenience you or make you feel bad in any way. As long as it doesn't make you think critically about your favorite cartoons. As long as it's not "in your face." It needs to be far away, tucked out of view where it can't bother you. Or be effective.

And again, nobody forced him to read this. The Establishment is a great site but it's not massively well-known. He had to seek it out and put it in his own face. And for some reason, because I dared  speak on the subject, I now owe him something.

Dude. No.

You don't have to agree with me about South Park and similar media. But if you're gonna claim to be liberal and into social justice, you need to get rid of those entitlement issues and learn that no means no, at the very, very least.

But he's probably already run off to join the "alt-right" because I hurt his feelings.

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