Tuesday, November 14, 2017

De-Escalate Washington

This is the campaign I’m working on. We’re trying to get an initiative on the ballot to reduce police brutality.

If you know me at all, you’d know I’d prefer there to be no police at all. But short term solutions are needed to stop deaths now. This is the most reasonable first step to address the police brutality problem in Washington State.

We have the worst laws in the country when in comes to justice for victims of police brutality. The “malicious intent” standard currently on the books makes it so you have to prove that the cop decided to kill a “suspect” or whoever else basically out of the evil of their heart. It’s impossible. I-940 would replace this with the much more common “good faith” standard where you only have to prove that the officer went against their training. Still difficult, but not impossible.

It also mandates state-wide training for all officers in de-escalation, with a focus on mental illness. Finally, cops trained to understand that some one who is not complying might be having an issue, not just being “disrespectful” or whatever. And it requires police to provide first aid on the scene if a person needs it and they are physically able to do so without putting themselves in danger. So cops can’t just stand by and let a “suspect” they shot bleed out on the pavement because they didn’t feel like saving that person’s life.

Reasonable, yeah? If you’re in Washington State, please look out for people with clipboards collecting signatures. We have until December 29 to get a crap load of signatures just to let people vote on this, because our legislators won’t pass anything like this themselves. You can also go to our website and request signature sheets be mailed to you so you can sign, and hopefully get others to sign. Each sheet has space for 20 signatures.

If you can’t sign or do not live in Washington, please still spread the word. Awareness is not where it needs to be right now. Donations are also always appreciated. Thanks for everything, besties.

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