Monday, November 27, 2017

Afternoon Announcements

Okay, story time. Last night I took some random irregular produce I got from this Imperfect Produce service (which is kinda cool, discount fruit and veggies just because they're small or look weird) and leftover turkey and some kinda old chicken and vegetable stock and made turkey soup for the first time ever! And it turned out okay/edible! I was feeling pretty good about myself and eating a bowl while trying to get some work done and I slipped or something and spilled a bunch on my laptop! So now the keyboard is completely fucked.

Meaning this morning I had to go out to Office Max and get a cheap plug-in keyboard that I have put on top of my laptop keyboard, which is kinda weird but workable.

The point is I am kind of irritated and in no mood to deal with politics! Plus that work I was trying to get done last night needs to be done today. Plus I want to apply to some remote writing jobs because content mills can eat my entire ass. So tomorrow, content, maybe, I have to go into the De-Escalate office to intern. Have a better day than I had yesterday!

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