Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Why I've Been Busy

Pretty soon I'm gonna be too good for this blog. Lol just kidding, the second I become famous enough to try, I'm abandoning all freelancing writing and ranting on my own blog for a living. Then I'll crowdfund a non-profit dedicated to teaching little kids about consent and bodily autonomy.

Anyway fuckin' hell two articles published in as many days, one on MOTHER FUCKIN' THINKPROGRESS.

Mental illness rates are spiking, and its victims feel forgotten by the Trump administration

I'm really glad I got the opportunity to talk to a NAMI representative and learn about their RAISE program, which is early intervention for people suffering from episodes of psychosis. It's amazing because mental illness involving psychosis is so misunderstood, and people who suffer from it end up so marginalized. Early intervention can help these individuals function so much better in a society that isn't made for them and wants to pretend they don't exist. I might look into do a full interview just on these programs for someone like The Establishment.

And also:

The Anxious Activist’s Survival Guide

I love this because it's more of a creative piece. It imitates the style of Lorrie Moore, my favorite creative non-fiction author, specifically her story "How to Become a Writer" in her collection Self Help. It's incredible and I highly recommend it. Also Ravishly is a lovely publication and I think I'm going to be writing for them a lot more.

I may just figure out this freelance writer thing.

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