Wednesday, October 18, 2017

That's Queen Bitch to You

Guess what! Remember that amazing piece I wrote on South Parks satirical failure priming our  society for the "alt-right" and general rise of white nationalism? Turns out it's so awesome that another writer interviewed me on the piece and posted that interview on Complex, a pop culture site.

South Park Provoked the Rise of White Supremacists—Here's How

Luckily, Shawn cleaned up my phone responses nicely so I don't come off as the nervous babbling mess I was. But the best part, of course, are the responses from South Park fans. This one's my favorite:

Thank you, Vinny. I've been waiting for this day. However.

I also sent that photo of myself very soon after my head shaving very deliberately. I'm not gonna tell them that I did that for a benefit show to raise money for cancer research and donated all my long, beautiful hair to be made into a wig for a child undergoing chemotherapy. I'm just gonna sit back and patiently wait for them to go to hell.

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