Friday, October 20, 2017

Richard Spencer is Basically a Side Show Now

Actually that's a grievous insult to the proud and talented circus performers that bring us even more joy if they don't cage up animals and parade them around for people to gawk at because that's cruel. I got off topic already.

Richard Spencer ends University of Florida speech early to boos, protests

And that's a Fox News headline.

This came after the governor of Florida, good ol' Alien McFrightingeyes, declared a state of emergency just because that loser was going to speak at the University. I'm sure he didn't want another Charlottesville, so he jacked up the police presence by 1000%. Because that never resulted in violence.

I really don't know why the U of F didn't just cancel the event, seeing as the extra security cost them $500,000. Is it worth that much to pander to nazis?

Anyway, pretty much everyone hated him except a tiny little crowd of white shirts.

I don't know what's funnier, that or this quote from some point in the night:

"I'm not going home, I will stand here all day if I have to," a combative Spencer told the crowd.

The he went home early.

Honestly, the entire thing is a treasure trove of hilarity and good vibes. Check this out:

Just. Can we be this awesome when it comes to standing up to police brutality? Or gentrification? Or rape culture? Pretend those are nazis or something.

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