Friday, October 20, 2017

People Really Believe This Stuff


Thanks to the publishing of that interview (and I really do mean thanks because I love it when people make asses out of themselves like this), some loser messaged me on Facebook in order to give me his Very Important Opinion on my work. With his real name and all.

The entire point of my original piece on South Park was to explain how the show primes people for recruitment into the "alt-right" and similar organizations. What I didn't get into was how being in these supposedly less extreme groups exposes these dorks to really awful white supremacist ideas. This dude demonstrated that for us.

Buckle the fuck up. And click the screenshots to make them bigger.

First, he admitted that he doesn't know that Spain and Portugal are majority white nations, and definitely were during the time of the Atlantic slave trade:

Imagine trying to explain white Hispanic to this dude.

Then comes the "some black people have had success so racism is over." Only to this dude, racism was already over in the 1800's.

Back to the slavery thing. Apparently buying and selling slaves and everything else we white people did to them is A-OK because we supposedly didn't enslave them originally. Even though in plenty of cases we absolutely did.

Then claiming I don't talk about modern slavery. Obviously this guy has never laid eyes on this blog. Yet despite admitting that there is modern slavery, he claimed white men ended it? The fuck. I was so thrown by this guy's ridiculousness that I didn't even think to call him on that. But like. How do you manage to fuck up that bad. Literally "white men ended slavery" RIGHT AFTER "there are still real slaves bought and sold every single day. ????????????

Then, we appropriated slavery culture, and then, gave it back??? What?????

"Chinese and Mexican people over there exploding each other" what the fuck??? And what does that even have to do with slavery??

Then more of the "our participation in the slave trade was totally fine" crap.

And now introducing "The Other Black Population." Bonus "slavery was a long time ago."

And then on top of everything, "The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery."

After a bit of me freaking out he brought up the "safe space" bullshit, forgetting all about how white people cried when Romney lost. Remember White People Mourning Romney? That was hilarious. Also I want some cats and pizza, shit.

This ended in him complaining that I didn't back up my statements with sources, which was all the encouragement I needed to info-dump on him.

After that he claimed to have "100 links" (literally, he said 100) and then said he was "over it." Clearly couldn't handle all that being wrong at once.

Anyway, Nicholas Hook is a massive racist and probably an actual white supremacist. I checked out his Facebook likes and he does follow both Alex Jones and Infowars. If you ever meet him in real life please punch him in the face for me, if you feel safe doing so. He lives in Florida.

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