Monday, October 2, 2017

On the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

There's nothing I can say about this that people of color, Muslim persons, and other mentally ill folks haven't already said. But I feel like it needs to be acknowledged.

What I will say is that refusing to name white men as the problem in these mass shootings is delaying us from even beginning to solve the problem. And every day that passes without effort to solve the problem is killing people. Murdering people. Ripping lives apart.

Our society is so sick, and I'm not talking about mental illness. Mentally ill people do not do this shit. The sickness is white supremacy. The sickness is toxic masculinity. The sickness is entitlement and privilege that, when undercut and unfulfilled, results in a deadly rage. Whether that rage manifests in abuse of women, joining white nationalist groups working toward ethnic cleansing, or doing what the white man did in Las Vegas last night, it's deadly.

Cures are rare. The only effective remedy is prevention. Yet our leaders go on day in and day out refusing to even acknowledge the problem exists. And people die.

Blood is on their hands.

I'm honestly done fighting for gun control. I'm not going to be opposed to other people fighting for it, but it's not something I'm going to spend energy on. Partially because I think it's a bandaid on a festering disease, partially because I think black people and other oppressed groups need to be able to arm themselves.

Instead, I fight to get people to acknowledge the root of the problem. Many people refuse, but others just haven't thought about it. Maybe if enough people can come to understand, we can stop these horrible tragedies. We owe that to every victim and every loved one of every victim.

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