Thursday, October 5, 2017

More White Supremacists in Seattle

Apparently, white supremacists flock to tech jobs. This explains why you see so many white dudes with That Haircut around tech hubs. It also explains why tech companies are having so much trouble with diversity and not having employees send out misogynistic manifestos about how women are just naturally bad at science and technology. You know, the fields that just happen to be the most important right now. And it further explains why techbros get so upset about said shit employees getting fired that they try and hold rallies in support of their supposed freedom not to be fired for spreading hateful debunked pseudo-science.

The point is that a guy from The Stranger infiltrated a super secret white supremacist conference in Seattle recently, spending hours among 70-80 awful and overwhelmingly white dudes (and four dudettes), listening to bizarre conspiracy theories, including the whole fake moon landing thing, and enduring racial and ethnic slurs. I'll never be able to do this because I would give myself away with the first punch.

We Snuck into Seattle's Super Secret White Nationalist Convention

The first speaker to come up was Taylor (who during the break had performed a stunning act by using the ladies’ room after all the bullshit I’d been listening to about how gender-neutral bathrooms are destroying America. Though, to be fair, having a ladies’ room at an event like this is superfluous anyway). Unfortunately, the super-secret, closed-door Nazi plan didn’t turn out to be nearly as titillating as you’d want. Speakers encouraged followers to take the Gandhi approach and continue getting punched in the face a la Richard Spencer. The media will have no choice but to turn to its side, their reasoning went. Taylor, Dr. Johnson, and the other speakers are all pretty married to this strategy. They also disapprove of their followers using ethnic slurs in public because it gives the media soundbites to latch onto.


The entire article is surreal but often amusing, particularly as it reveals how pathetic these people are. The convention sounds like it was largely pointless except as a wank - and an unsatisfying one at that. The only alarming thing is the confirmation that they're trying to infiltrate and covertly take over tech companies. I'll never trust another white techbro again. Not that I often did before reading this.

But as we've already seen, now that enough people are aware of the problem, the covert approach isn't going to last. Now even the secretive Greg Johnson's face is out there. Their vetting process is pretty pathetic, so more and more journalists will be able to infiltrate their meetings and, with modern technology, capture their faces for all to see. Including their employers.

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