Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Liberals Perpetuate Rape Culture, Too

In a remarkably ill-timed and just infuriating move, California Governor Gerry Brown has tripped and fallen on his face right after getting non-binary genders officially recognized in his state.

Echoing DeVos rhetoric, CA Gov. Brown vetoes turning campus sexual violence guidelines into law

This is not a simple issue. Sexual harassment and sexual violence are serious and complicated matters for colleges to resolve. On the one side are complainants who come forward to seek justice and protection; on the other side stand accused students, who, guilty or not, must be treated fairly and with the presumption of innocence until the facts speak otherwise. Then, as we know, there are victims who never come forward, and perpetrators who walk free. Justice does not come easily in this environment.

That is Gerry's message statement on why he vetoed these frankly milquetoast guidelines. And this is why I assume all men in power are sexual predators. You don't veto putting these basic fucking guidelines into law unless you sympathize with sexual predators. And that statement says it all. You'd think the supposedly super liberal Gerry would be aware that the "both sides" argument is not going to fly when feminists have been saying for decades that A) Universities can't be counted on to act against their own interests by admitting that rape happens on their campus and B) survivors have been getting the extremely short end of the stick the entire time. They are disadvantaged in every way and by the numbers are almost always on the losing end despite false accusations being as rare or more rare than any other crime.

There's also still a very high number of people who don't report campus assaults beCAUSE HELLO. THERE IS NO FAIRNESS RIGHT NOW THAT'S WHY WE NEED SOMETHING BETTER, GERRY, FUCKING SOMETHING.

Just like people are saying about the #MeToo campaign, how many times do we have to explain this to privileged men? Including liberal men? You just took a huge step forward on one issue, but now you're going the DeVos route on rape culture? For the sake of fuck, I can't even properly express myself because I'm so pissed off and that doesn't happen much anymore. But Gerry, you've let me down that hard. Con-fucking-grats.

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