Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I'm Down With This


I'm glad this whole Weinstein thing is getting some real attention and even getting some promises made. Harvey has officially been expelled from the Motion Picture Academy, and the Academy released this statement:

We do so not simply to separate ourselves from someone who does not merit the respect of his colleagues but also to send a message that the era of wilful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexually predatory behaviour and workplace harassment in our industry is over.

There was more than that actually, but I like that part. I just hope it's for real and not just something they say to feel good about themselves and then nothing changes. Like what usually happens.

Regardless of the organization in which the problem is happening, something needs to be done about this never-ending hell. And I'm liking what Alex Press is peddling.

It’s time to weaponize the "whisper network”

Rallying cries that men need to do their part by speaking up feels insufficient, to say the least. Call me a cynic, but most men will not act upon knowledge about sexual harassment until we have weaponized these networks. Nor do I trust HR departments, loyal to the company above all else, to adequately investigate allegations against the men who hold power in that company. We need entities with teeth that can bring real consequences to bear on men who we know are abusive. 
We also cannot rely on powerful women to speak out against dangerous men. It’s no coincidence that Ashley Judd was initially one of the few women who spoke about Weinstein’s behavior on the record. Her career is stable enough to allow her space to speak out without fear of destroying her job prospects. That the stories in the Shitty Media Men document were anonymous shows that many women still believe the consequences of going public about harassment are too high. And these women in US media, as white-collar workers, have more room than, say, low-wage or undocumented workers to come forward.

I'm less concerned than Alex about the potential for false accusations. Not only are they rare, it continues to be fact that it takes a crap load of women coming forward to "ruin his career," and even then, a man like Harvey Weinstein is likely set up for life. Plus, similarly accused men only seem to need to fight allegations for their careers and reputations to remain intact. Donald Fucking Trump comes to mind. Until that changes, a few false accusations don't bother me one bit.

And honestly, if men aren't going to do shit about this culture that enables and encourages the rape and assault of women on a mass scale, then fuck it, we're fighting back. And if that means all men have to live in fear of being falsely accused, well you made that fucking bed, didn't you? I don't give one single fuck if it's "not fair." What's not fair is that women have had to navigate rape culture for centuries and it's still pervasive as all hell today. So fuck you and your notion of "fair." Fair would be every man losing any access to power in every industry AND government for equal centuries, because at best you didn't do enough to change it. If all you have to worry about is false accusations, be fucking thankful.

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