Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I Assume Men in Power Are Predators


After the revelations about whatever Hollywood executive Whitey McHetero or what have you being a sexual predator, and the predictable flood of stories from the poor women who had to work with him and men like him, I realized why I'm no longer even slightly surprised when news like this breaks. It's because after so many years of being an active feminist and paying any kind of attention, it's gotten to the point that if a man is in a position of power, I just assume he's a sexual predator. I assume he's assaulted one or more women.

And it's not just because of the vast number of powerful men who end up getting exposed as predators. It's the fact that, in order to gain that much power in our society, you either have to be willing to harm people in a way that would require you to look at them as less than human, or you have to be born into an already rich and powerful family that will inevitably raise you to look at others as less than human. 

Men are already raised on the lie that they're entitled to power and particularly entitled to women's bodies. Then you have the fact that most people in power gained that power because they craved it. And in this society, perhaps any society, having power means having power over other human beings. Maybe it's just me, but if you want something like that, I consider you to be more than a little fucked up. 

So men are told practically from birth that they're entitled to our bodies and then they come up against obstacles to that (like our free will) and so they work to gain the power to make that entitlement become a reality by putting women in positions where they have little power and the man has all the power and then does the thing.

I will take a rare detour here to say that men's entitlement issues aren't limited to feeling entitled to women's bodies. Only because I have so much respect for Terry Crews.

That did surprise me. Considering the roles Terry has played and how muscular he is. But that  surprise was my white privilege playing out. Terry then went on to explain that he didn't beat that powerful white man's ass because he knew how that would play out in headlines and with the police. It also reminded me that white men in power are so power hungry and so get off to demonstrating their power and lording it over others that they would sexually assault Terry Crews. That exec probably came in his pants right then.

There are probably some men in power who are not sexual predators. Like Terry Crews. But I'm not feeling any reason to give any of them the benefit of the doubt. They don't need it.

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