Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Here's Fascism!

Wisconsin is at it again, this time banning freedom of speech in the name of protecting freedom of speech. Isn't America great?

University of Wisconsin System Passes Dangerous New Policy That Expels Students for Protest

The University of Wisconsin recently approved a policy that will suspend or expel students who disrupt campus speeches and presentations—because they are infringing on others’ free speech—an ironic and dangerous threat to the right to protest everywhere. 
The Associated Press reports that the university’s board of regents adopted the language in a vote Friday. The policy states that students found to have twice engaged in “violence or other disorderly conduct” would be suspended. Three times and you’re out (expelled).

So nazis spreading hate speech on campus is A-OK. Protesting that? Expelled. And I'm sure when positions are reversed, this policy will be implemented fairly. Lol just kidding.

The thing is, this policy is already designed to heavily benefit white supremacists. We have a white supremacist/nazi problem in this country right now, not an anti-nazi problem. Therefore it's always white supremacists coming to campuses to recruit and people protesting their insidious influence. Despite what Breitbart might claim, there are not communists or anti-fascists recruiting on campuses for fascists to protest. And even if there were, these fuckers don't protest in the open like anti-fascists do. They sneak around the crowd like the cowards they are and take photos and video of people to post online and doxx them/target them for mob harassment. It's not open protesting so they'd never get expelled for it.

This is fascism. This is an attack on freedom of speech. I can think of one particular organization that needs to get their asses on this if they don't want to expose themselves as nothing but rape culture supporters. No I will not every let that go.

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