Monday, October 23, 2017

Gaming Still Having Trouble With That Glass Ceiling

That is me eternally judging every man in the gaming industry for all of eternity.

NRG Esports bragged about the diversity of its ‘Overwatch’ team. Zero women were invited to try out.

Overwatch is a wildly popular competitive multiplayer shooter that depicts an aspirational, inclusive, futuristic, sci-fi world. It has a female fanbase twice the size of other first-person shooters and a queer fanbase of a scale that’s anything but common for games of this sort. 
However, early signs indicate that its official professional league — modeled after sports leagues like the NBA — will continue to reinforce the notion that esports are a boys-only zone. 
On Sept. 28, NRG Esports — a company that owns a number of teams who participate in professional gaming competitions — announced the lineup of its San Francisco-based team that’ll participate in this Overwatch League. All eight members of NRG’s Overwatch team — dhaK, Danteh, IDDQD, Super, Babybay, Sleepy, Nomy and Sinatraa — are men.

I love me some Overwatch. But guys. Come. On.

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