Monday, October 9, 2017

Even More Slavery in the U.S. Than I Thought

This may very well be the worst thing you've ever read, so buckle up. Or go look at some cat videos instead.

They thought they were going to rehab. They ended up in chicken plants.

Not the best headline ever but honestly there's so much to this article that I would have had a very hard time coming up with something that accurately represented it beyond a string of profanity.

Basically, it's not just prisons using slave labor to make even more obscene profits for huge corporations. In response to growing pressure to not further stuff our ohuvercrowded prisons full of non-violent offenders, courts have been sending people to rehab centers. This sounds great on the surface, but of course, capitalism has taken that and turned it into a fucking horror show.

There wasn’t much substance abuse treatment at CAAIR. It was mostly factory work for one of America’s top poultry companies. If McGahey got hurt or worked too slowly, his bosses threatened him with prison. 
And he worked for free. CAAIR pocketed the pay. 
“It was a slave camp,” McGahey said. “I can’t believe the court sent me there.”

The man referenced in the article wasn't even addicted to anything. He was convicted for buying a stolen horse trailer (???) and sent to this place, called the "Christian Alcoholics & Addicts in Recovery," because the judge thought he needed to learn "work ethic" or whatever. Truth is, McGahey was just poor and desperate despite working very hard, as so many of us are in this hell country. But whatever, off to the slave camp to learn how to work yourself to death for no pay.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the article gets worse in like every way possible. And this has apparently been happening for long enough that massive companies have had time to become super dependent on this free labor. Yet this is the first time I'm hearing about it.

The beneficiaries of these programs span the country, from Fortune 500 companies to factories and local businesses. The defendants work at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Oklahoma, a construction firm in Alabama, a nursing home in North Carolina. 
Perhaps no rehab better exemplifies this allegiance to big business than CAAIR. It was started in 2007 by chicken company executives struggling to find workers. By forming a Christian rehab, they could supply plants with a cheap and captive labor force while helping men overcome their addictions. 
At CAAIR, about 200 men live on a sprawling, grassy compound in northeastern Oklahoma, and most work full time at Simmons Foods Inc., a company with annual revenue of $1.4 billion. They slaughter and process chickens for some of America’s largest retailers and restaurants, including Walmart, KFC and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. They also make pet food for PetSmart and Rachael Ray’s Nutrish brand.

I had a fucking feeling about that Rachael Ray.

Maybe the worst part is that McGahey got his hand crushed in the chicken processing machinery, was sent to prison after refusing to work with only one functional hand and another in horrible pain, didn't get proper care until far too late, and is now in chronic pain and hooked on opiates.

That's right. He wasn't an addict before they send him to this uncertified "rehab" slave camp. But thanks to CAAIR, he is now.

The only good news is that this incredible investigative report has promoted the ACLU to look into taking legal action against the people involved in these slavery camp scam artists. But you know the huge companies relying on this free labor are going to fight them on it.

Yet another example of capitalism needing to be abolished. Because holy fuck.

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