Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Enbies Recognized in California!

Some good news for once:

California Just Became the First State in the US to Recognize a Third Gender

On Sunday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law SB179, a bill that makes the Golden State the first in the US to legally recognize a third gender. 
Known as the “Gender Recognition Act,” the measure will allow residents of California to identify as male, female, or nonbinary on state issued documentation of gender identity. These most commonly come in the form of driver's licenses and birth certificates. 
Additionally, the bill will eliminate laws requiring an in-person court appearance or statement from a doctor on behalf of individuals seeking changes to their legal gender status.

Yayayayayay!! I love all my trans and non-binary friends! You're all beautiful and you deserve to be recognized. Now I need to work on getting Washington State to follow suit. But in the meantime,

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