Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dystopian Hell Roundup


There's a lot of shit in the news right now that everyone is already talking about and I don't really have anything to add besides various cuss words and gifs and lying down on the floor moaning. But I also don't want to ignore this stuff as though it doesn't matter to me. So in case you missed it, here's what's in my world:

Judge halts order giving rapist joint custody of child conceived in the crime

Starting out just about as terrible as possible, this story came out maybe a week ago when the judge first gave a convicted rapist joint custody of the child conceived when he raped a 12-year-old girl, causing her to get pregnant. The horrific nature of this story apparently got the attention of said judge, who is now saying he didn't know that the child was conceived because the father raped the mother when she was 12, and didn't even know that he had been convicted of rape at all.

Apparently courts just automatically grant custody to fathers when mothers have to ask the state for support? The victim, now an adult, had to ask for child support - something that had to have been a horrifying prospect in the first place. But considering the fact that she became a parent at 12, I'm sure she's had a hard time keeping her life together. And because our country is such an intense and horrible rape culture, there is no way for mothers to mention "um please don't give this guy custody and/or my fucking home address because he fucking raped me thanks" on the form.

You think a judge would want to, I dunno, look into any information about the father before just auto-granting joint custody? But no. Now this woman had to endure all this shit not only happening, but becoming highly public. I hope Judge Gregory Ross fucking learned a fucking lesson from this, and/or steps down in disgrace.


Black man beaten by white nationalists is charged with assaulting man in Charlottesville melee

Another story that keeps getting worse the more details come out. A couple days ago, a warrant was issued for DeAndre Harris, the man seen being brutally beaten by a mob of white supremacists in a Charlottesville parking garage. The crime? "Felony wounding," whatever the fuck that is. Because he supposedly attacking a white supremacist at some other point during the chaos that the police decided to opt out of.

There is so much about this that is fucked up. Firstly, the police had no idea that the warrant was issued. Harold Crews, chairman of the North Carolina chapter of the League of the South - a hate group - circumvented the police and got a magistrate judge to issue the warrant. Harris surrendered himself, was charged, and then released on bail.

Secondly, Harris only took a swing at Crews in order to try and stop him from FUCKING SPEARING a third party.

At one point, Harris swung a flashlight to stop Crews from spearing another counter-protester with the pole of a Confederate flag, but he “failed to make significant contact,” Merritt said.

With the pole of a fucking Confederate flag oh my god. The white supremacist who fired a gun at the legs of a black man is only charged with discharging a firearm too close to a school because "self-defense of another person" (lol what) but Harris gets charged with wounding someone he didn't touch.

Then there's the fact that police have failed to identify any of the men seen in the video beating Harris. It was all efforts by black activists and anti-fascists that got any of those men identified and arrested, and then only after bugging the shit out of the Charlottesville police department. This warrant is clearly retaliation from white supremacists and the judge who is entertaining this shit is highly suspect.

Oh, and how is Puerto Rico doing?

Trump: We cannot aid Puerto Rico 'forever'

FEMA: Not our job to distribute food and water in Puerto Rico


Rebuilding Katrina took years. It's been three weeks since the last hurricane hit Puerto Rico. Three fucking weeks. And STILL 90% of the island's citizens are without electricity and about half are without access to clean water. They are desperate.

Good. Fucking. Lord.

Abandoning Puerto Rico now would be condemning so many people to die horribly. It's utterly heartless. Why is Lord Dampnut even tweeting this? Is he trying get all these people to just commit suicide so he can avoid blame for their deaths?

He has no soul. No soul.

I touched on the Harvey Weinstein thing yesterday, but there are a couple new developments. First, Rose McGowan was suspended from Twitter for apparently tweeting someone's personal phone number, letting her back on after she deleted the offending tweet. Twitter is defending this action, despite shit like this:

Meanwhile, Weinstein is jetting out of the country for treatment for sex addiction, as though such an addiction is any excuse for a lifetime of sexually harassing and assaulting women. Sex addiction is absolutely a real thing, but harassment of this nature is not about sex as much as it's about power and a desire to lord that power over others. Most people suffering from sex addiction don't sexually harass or assault others, and it's insulting and fucked up to those individuals to suggest that this addiction makes you harass people.

Ijeoma Oluo says it best:

And of course, Lord Dampnut continues to hint at nuclear war and intensify his attacks on freedom of the press. Truly this is the darkest timeline.

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