Tuesday, October 24, 2017

As Always, Racism Makes Sexism Worse

A couple days ago, disgraced fuckhat Harvey Weinstein "responded to" Lupita Nyong'o's statement about how he sexually harassed her multiple times. He says he has a "different recollection of the events," which is just calling her a liar - something that sexual predators inevitably do, because they're shit.

Interestingly, this is the first time Weinstein has refuted any of the (many, many) accusations of sexual assault/harassment from women since the beginning of the month, when this whole thing was just starting and he hadn't yet realized that he was fucked. Interesting how he can accept responsibility for everything he's done to all these white women, but the moment Lupita Nyong'o, a dark-skinned black woman, comes forward, he leaps out of his supposed sex addiction rehab to tell the world that she's a liar.

Here's the thing, you gross sack of feces. Nobody believes anything you say on the subject anymore. The only people you're getting on your side by accusing Lupita of lying is racists, which leads me to believe that in addition to being a sexual predator, you're a racist. And trust me, that is extremely easy for me to believe!

You're dead to every decent human being on the planet now, Harvey. So do the rest of us a favor - crawl up your own ass and die.

As for the rest of us non-black people, take this as yet another lesson in the power of misogynoir. Black women don't get the respect, humanity, and consideration that we white women get, little as that is. And that's bullshit. The incredibly talented and irreplaceable Lupita Nyong'o and every other black woman on the planet deserves better. In fact, fuck every news outlet that reported on this saying that Harvey "responded" rather than just reporting the real news - that Harvey crawled out of his  shame hole just to be a racist prick and deserves to have garbage thrown at him.

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