Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Technology can be intimidating. You know.

The Cherry on Top

As though the news wasn't good enough already, Lord Dampnut's new approval numbers just came out.

Trump's Gallup daily tracking hits all-time low of 33 percent

That’s Trump’s all-time low approval, along with his highest disapproval rating (62 percent!) since becoming president. Trump is pretty much the all-time leading loser of Gallup’s daily tracking poll this early in a presidency. Point of comparison: Historian Kevin Kruse notes that Trump’s 33 percent approval is lower than Ike, JFK, LBJ,  Ford, Reagan, Clinton or Obama ever had during their presidencies.

Lord Dampnut will no doubt go down in history as the worst president ever.

Oh Shit Oh Fuck

The Mueller indictments are every bit as delicious as I was hoping. But perhaps the best part is the resulting panic tweets from Lord Dampnut that are just making him look increasingly guilty. It's a beautiful combination of Thou Doth Protest Too Much and "LOOK OVER THERE" *runs away*.

That last one has to be the best because it evoked one of the best moments from one of my all time favorite movies, captured perfectly in one gif:

It's gonna be a good week.

Monday, October 30, 2017

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Morning Announcements

My cat has a vet appointment and then I have a job interview, so there might not be any content today. That being said, everything is terrible but as of Sunday evening I am fucking dying from anticipation to see who's being charged/arrested as a result of Mueller's investigation holy shit.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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There's an entire set of gifs of this guy doing the splits in random public places and I love it.

Right Wing Extremist Murders Dad for Calling Him a Nazi


Actually he's pretty average for the right these days. Maybe I should call him a right wing slightly-more-right-than-usualist. Anyway he stabbed his dad to death over conspiracy theory arguments.

YouTube Trumpkin and Former Milo Intern Kills His Own Dad for Calling Him a Nazi

Okay first of all, "dead pill," Daily Beast? That seems highly insensitive but also I laughed so hard.

In a seeming confession, Lane Davis told detectives that the fight had started over “whether toddlers could consent to sex or not,” and his father had called him a Nazi and a racist. Held on $1 million bail and represented by a public defender, Lane has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. His trial is slated for January.

I don't know how you plead not guilty with all that evidence plus a confession.

I also highly doubt that Lane's dad was arguing in favor of the idea that toddlers could consent to sex, as Lane seems to suggest here. It sounds like his parents were just fed up with him ranting and raving about conspiracy theories in their house, where lane still lived, because all he did was write for alt-right and Gamergate sites for free and make those YouTube videos that play out like lucid fever dreams.

When they asked him to leave, he got louder and started scaring them. He accused them of being "leftists and pedophiles." When his mom called 911, he decided that he was going to jail either way  so he stabbed his dad in the chest and back.

Am I blaming the alt-right, Gamergate, Breitbart, and similar hateful conspiracy peddlers for radicalizing this man with their absurd "pizzagate" lies and other complete bullshit for the brutal murder of this innocent elderly man who only wanted a bit of peace in his home for once? You bet your ass I am.

I hope his ghost haunts you fucks.

White House Wants to Leave Us With Least Effective Birth Control Method Ever

This White House is leading us into levels of what-the-fuck that I'd never imagined in my worst feminist nightmares.

Leaked White House Memo Outlines Plans For All-Out War On Women’s Health

A leaked memo obtained by Crooked Media gives a glimpse into the administration’s views on reproductive health, revealing a policy agenda that would gut evidence-based pregnancy prevention and family planning programs in order to fund abstinence-based education and “fertility awareness” initiatives — otherwise known as “the rhythm method,” a type of birth control that fails to prevent pregnancy for one out of every four couples who use it. Among the programs on the chopping block are Title X — the nation’s only federally funded family planning initiative — and the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) family planning budget, as well as a federal teen pregnancy prevention program and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Let Girls Learn” initiative.

The article does a fine job explaining how effective these programs have been at lowering both teen and unwanted pregnancy rates and how intensely horrible it is to defund them. But can we talk about why it is that the GOP is promoting one form of birth control over another? Birth control pills and implants prevent conception. We all know that. They know that. It's basic and easily accessible knowledge. But they want to reduce that and promote education of the highly ineffective "rhythm method," which is still birth control. At this point you can't claim that you don't like people going against "god's plan" or whatever, because you're still actively manipulating your reproductive system to avoid having a baby.

At this point the only thing I can figure is that the GOP and the Christian right really do just want women to be pregnant as often as possible in order to render us unable to fight them. The stress of pregnancy, childbirth, and raising children makes it real hard for us to fight for our basic human rights. And they can throw us in prison for life if we even try to have an abortion, yeah? That's their goal. Bring us back to the goddamn 1800's, overpopulation be damned.

The leaked memo also outlines a plan to slash USAID’s family planning budget and stipulates that “no other family planning programming for girls should be provided except fertility awareness methods.” Beyond the implications for pregnancy prevention, cutting funds for global family planning initiatives threatens to worsen maternal and fetal health outcomes, reduce the likelihood that girls will complete their education and enter the workforce, and even exacerbate gender based violence.

War on women indeed.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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Not sure what is going on here but it's almost Halloween.

Bill O'Reilly Mad at God for Not Protecting Him From Consequences

This is a real thing here. This is not a joke. This is real. This is from CNN. No it's not fake news because they're literally just repeating his words. Okay? Ready?

Bill O'Reilly 'mad at God' over sexual misconduct allegations

Bill O'Reilly has repeatedly blamed reports of sexual misconduct on a politically motivated media. On Monday, he admitted that he also blames a higher power. 
"You know, am I mad at God? Yeah, I'm mad at him," O'Reilly said on the latest episode of his web series, "No Spin News." "I wish I had more protection. I wish this stuff didn't happen. I can't explain it to you. Yeah, I'm mad at him."

You're a shit Catholic and an awful human being, Bill.

This is the guy who has been the moral compass for so many adult persons in the U.S. He got fired for sexually harassing women for all the entire time he worked at Fox News, however many decades that was, and he's mad at god for not protecting HIM.

This is male entitlement incarnate. This is white male narcissism. THIS is a victim complex. I have to believe that if there is a god, they're unable to interfere in the dealings of us mortals for whatever reason, because otherwise I'd have to believe that it's a god of suffering and torment and that's why victims of sexual predators are not protected but are in fact attacked and punished for being victims. And here's fuckin' Bill having the nerve to say "I wish this stuff didn't happen."

How did the universe not tear itself apart at that statement? Because, listen, when he said "this stuff," he doesn't mean sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, or the fact that the people doing all that "stuff" to other people are constantly protected, excused, and allowed to go on their merry way making riches and influencing millions of people until they drop dead. When he said "I wish this stuff didn't happen," he meant "I wish people like me were held accountable for the horrors we inflict upon other human beings whom we have power over even less than we already are."

I wish there was a way to articulate via text the screaming that is going on in my head right now but I'll have to settle for a series of gifs.

Bill O'Reilly. I have always hated you. But I have never hated you quite so much as I do now. If there is a god, and there is a hell, as you believe, you either are going to end up there, or god is indeed evil. Did I mention that I hate you.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh smoosh.

Is the Era of Open Secrets Actually Over?


I'm very cautious in any optimism around this but, maybe, just maybe, at the very least, "open  secret" culture around powerful men who are allowed to be sexual predators and keep their jobs and face no consequences may actually be over.

Exclusive: Terry Richardson banned from working with Vogue and other leading mags, leaked email shows

I've known about this Terry Richardson for a long time. Not because I'm a fashion model or any of the women who had the misfortune of coming into contact with this human embodiment of sleaze. But because, again, it's not a secret. Women have been speaking out about it for many years and the feminist community has been screaming about it, but because he's a powerful white man, nobody cared.

Until now?

Mr Richardson, whose photographs often grace the covers of fashion magazines and are known in the industry for being sexually explicit, has been dogged for years by allegations of sexual exploitation of models, something he has always denied. 
At the weekend, a UK newspaper asked why the 52-year-old was still being “feted by fashionistas” in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations. 
Mr Richardson’s contract arrangements had been in dispute for some time with Condé Nast International, but within 24 hours of the article appearing an email was circulated telling staff not to work with him.

It's 2017. Maybe, finally, we have reached a point where men openly known to be sexual predators, harassers, assaulters, rapists, will no longer be allowed to go on making money and having careers that give them ready access to women to abuse. Maybe our society is finally beginning to reject them. Maybe they'll finally be ostracized like they should be.

We still have a long way to go. If we finally have reached this stage, then the next step is going to be intensified efforts to fight accusations. They're going to do anything they can to discredit these women. Attack them. Intimidate them. Try to ruin their lives. Legions of rape apologists will support them in these efforts. We need to be ready to stand with the women who come forward. They're going to need us more than ever.

As Always, Racism Makes Sexism Worse

A couple days ago, disgraced fuckhat Harvey Weinstein "responded to" Lupita Nyong'o's statement about how he sexually harassed her multiple times. He says he has a "different recollection of the events," which is just calling her a liar - something that sexual predators inevitably do, because they're shit.

Interestingly, this is the first time Weinstein has refuted any of the (many, many) accusations of sexual assault/harassment from women since the beginning of the month, when this whole thing was just starting and he hadn't yet realized that he was fucked. Interesting how he can accept responsibility for everything he's done to all these white women, but the moment Lupita Nyong'o, a dark-skinned black woman, comes forward, he leaps out of his supposed sex addiction rehab to tell the world that she's a liar.

Here's the thing, you gross sack of feces. Nobody believes anything you say on the subject anymore. The only people you're getting on your side by accusing Lupita of lying is racists, which leads me to believe that in addition to being a sexual predator, you're a racist. And trust me, that is extremely easy for me to believe!

You're dead to every decent human being on the planet now, Harvey. So do the rest of us a favor - crawl up your own ass and die.

As for the rest of us non-black people, take this as yet another lesson in the power of misogynoir. Black women don't get the respect, humanity, and consideration that we white women get, little as that is. And that's bullshit. The incredibly talented and irreplaceable Lupita Nyong'o and every other black woman on the planet deserves better. In fact, fuck every news outlet that reported on this saying that Harvey "responded" rather than just reporting the real news - that Harvey crawled out of his  shame hole just to be a racist prick and deserves to have garbage thrown at him.

Monday, October 23, 2017

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Why you gotta scare me like that.

White Supremacist Becomes Famous Embarrassment, So Funny

This starts out infuriating but stay with it.

Literally, how do you fuck up this badly? You're just so confident that everything good comes from white men, yeah?

Guess what. LOL.

Not only is she a woman, but almost couldn't be further to the East.

Her name is Luo Li Rong, by the way. You can see her coloring the statue here, making it look even more incredibly lifelike. I'm not sure if she's attracted to women or not, but one thing is clear. You don't have to erase the humanity of women to make incredible statues of them. Ivan.

But it gets even better. This guy failed so hard he's become an actual meme.

And who is this Ivan Throne? Well, he wrote a book! That sounds like some corny borderline cult shit.

This book is not for the uncertain or the timid. THE NINE LAWS is designed for men who are acutely aware that one lifetime is all they have to pursue and achieve their sacred purpose. Far more than a mere self-help book, or a simple collection of advice and ideas, THE NINE LAWS is a gravely serious operating system for success in a dark world. 
Read it. Train it. Live it. Survive the dark world with momentous ferocity, and triumph.

But the best part has to be this:

IVAN THRONE is the bestselling author of THE NINE LAWS. He is a powerful speaker, business manager and seasoned veteran of the financial industry with over thirty years of study in the classical Japanese military fighting arts.

Holy shit Ivan, what happened to the "legacy and heritage of the West"? Thirty years and you couldn't recognize Eastern art?

When he's not training in the classical Japanese such and such, he runs something called the "Safe Streets Project," which is also hilarious.

Lmao "taking back free speech" hahahahahaha "join the hunt for antifa" XD "draw your phone and take part" STOP IT I'M DYING.

These are the dork ass losers running the "alt-right" white supremacist movement. I know I shouldn't underestimate them but they make it so, so hard.

But yeah, Ivan Throne (probably not his real last name, at least I hope not) is all buddy-buddy with Sideshow Spencer on Twitter and everything. His entire Twitter account could fill one of those cringe blogs alone. I recommend just tweeting a gif of someone pointing into the camera and laughing at him. That's what I did.

Good lord. The self-ownage is just constant.

College President Happy to Let LGBT Students Die


This is the most heinous example of "fuck our marginalized students" in the name of "free speech" I've ever seen. Biggest "your safety means nothing compared to people's freedom to harass you" yet.

Seriously, this is HORRIBLE. Huge trigger warning for encouraging suicide, image of a person hanging by a noose, and extreme transphobia and homophobia.

A University President Defended Posters That Encouraged LGBT Students To Kill Themselves

In response to the fliers, Cleveland State president Ronald Berkman said in a statement Monday that while the university respected all individuals, it would protect free speech and uphold the First Amendment "even with regard to controversial issues where opinion is divided."

Since fucking 2017, I guess, Cameron.

The fliers were taken down, according to a university spokesperson, because whoever put them up "did not get prior approval" to put them on a billboard. Not because they literally encourage students prone to suicidal ideation (due to this being an LGBT-hostile country/world) to kill themselves. But because they didn't get permission to do that.

And Ronald's response? Guess what fucko, you can't both have your highest priority as "maintaining a welcoming environment" and "a campus community that respects all individuals" AND tacitly defend fliers that tell LGBT kids to kill themselves. This is not just hate speech. Committing suicide is literally a felony. Encouraging someone to commit a felony? Also a fucking crime. Ronald  shouldn't be blathering about the First Amendment, which he apparently hasn't even read. He should be launching an investigation into who committed the crime of posting those fliers on University property.

I have seen action taken by state universities against much less egregiously offensive shit. Like, I have seen events get shut down because they might have been offensive to somebody. I have no doubt that shut has been shut down on campuses because they might have hurt the feelings of men or white people. Colleges are allowed to do that because their primary priority is supposed to be the  safety of students.

Encouraging fucking suicide? Are you kidding me?

If that poster had told nazis to kill themselves I can guarantee this would have played out a lot differently. But LGBT+ kids? Let 'em die, right, Ronald?

His follow up was no better.

What the fuck are you talking about? No one expects you to magically be able to stop assholes from putting up terrible fliers. What we expected was for you to release a statement strongly condemning encouraging homophobia and transphobia and encouraging kids to KILL THEMSELVES. This is a no-brainer, should be a slam dunk for you. Just repeat "this is horrible" five times in different ways, statement over. Don't be like "yeah discrimination isn't great but free speech is most important." Then don't be like "Oops I mean yeah, posters bad, but I can't do anything about it because free speech!"

Bullshit. You can do something about it. You're obligated to do something about it. These fliers were fucking criminal. Just admit you hate gay and trans people and then resign in disgrace, you pancake-faced waste of our brain space.

Gaming Still Having Trouble With That Glass Ceiling

That is me eternally judging every man in the gaming industry for all of eternity.

NRG Esports bragged about the diversity of its ‘Overwatch’ team. Zero women were invited to try out.

Overwatch is a wildly popular competitive multiplayer shooter that depicts an aspirational, inclusive, futuristic, sci-fi world. It has a female fanbase twice the size of other first-person shooters and a queer fanbase of a scale that’s anything but common for games of this sort. 
However, early signs indicate that its official professional league — modeled after sports leagues like the NBA — will continue to reinforce the notion that esports are a boys-only zone. 
On Sept. 28, NRG Esports — a company that owns a number of teams who participate in professional gaming competitions — announced the lineup of its San Francisco-based team that’ll participate in this Overwatch League. All eight members of NRG’s Overwatch team — dhaK, Danteh, IDDQD, Super, Babybay, Sleepy, Nomy and Sinatraa — are men.

I love me some Overwatch. But guys. Come. On.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Gif of the Day


People Really Believe This Stuff


Thanks to the publishing of that interview (and I really do mean thanks because I love it when people make asses out of themselves like this), some loser messaged me on Facebook in order to give me his Very Important Opinion on my work. With his real name and all.

The entire point of my original piece on South Park was to explain how the show primes people for recruitment into the "alt-right" and similar organizations. What I didn't get into was how being in these supposedly less extreme groups exposes these dorks to really awful white supremacist ideas. This dude demonstrated that for us.

Buckle the fuck up. And click the screenshots to make them bigger.

First, he admitted that he doesn't know that Spain and Portugal are majority white nations, and definitely were during the time of the Atlantic slave trade:

Imagine trying to explain white Hispanic to this dude.

Then comes the "some black people have had success so racism is over." Only to this dude, racism was already over in the 1800's.

Back to the slavery thing. Apparently buying and selling slaves and everything else we white people did to them is A-OK because we supposedly didn't enslave them originally. Even though in plenty of cases we absolutely did.

Then claiming I don't talk about modern slavery. Obviously this guy has never laid eyes on this blog. Yet despite admitting that there is modern slavery, he claimed white men ended it? The fuck. I was so thrown by this guy's ridiculousness that I didn't even think to call him on that. But like. How do you manage to fuck up that bad. Literally "white men ended slavery" RIGHT AFTER "there are still real slaves bought and sold every single day. ????????????

Then, we appropriated slavery culture, and then, gave it back??? What?????

"Chinese and Mexican people over there exploding each other" what the fuck??? And what does that even have to do with slavery??

Then more of the "our participation in the slave trade was totally fine" crap.

And now introducing "The Other Black Population." Bonus "slavery was a long time ago."

And then on top of everything, "The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery."

After a bit of me freaking out he brought up the "safe space" bullshit, forgetting all about how white people cried when Romney lost. Remember White People Mourning Romney? That was hilarious. Also I want some cats and pizza, shit.

This ended in him complaining that I didn't back up my statements with sources, which was all the encouragement I needed to info-dump on him.

After that he claimed to have "100 links" (literally, he said 100) and then said he was "over it." Clearly couldn't handle all that being wrong at once.

Anyway, Nicholas Hook is a massive racist and probably an actual white supremacist. I checked out his Facebook likes and he does follow both Alex Jones and Infowars. If you ever meet him in real life please punch him in the face for me, if you feel safe doing so. He lives in Florida.

Richard Spencer is Basically a Side Show Now

Actually that's a grievous insult to the proud and talented circus performers that bring us even more joy if they don't cage up animals and parade them around for people to gawk at because that's cruel. I got off topic already.

Richard Spencer ends University of Florida speech early to boos, protests

And that's a Fox News headline.

This came after the governor of Florida, good ol' Alien McFrightingeyes, declared a state of emergency just because that loser was going to speak at the University. I'm sure he didn't want another Charlottesville, so he jacked up the police presence by 1000%. Because that never resulted in violence.

I really don't know why the U of F didn't just cancel the event, seeing as the extra security cost them $500,000. Is it worth that much to pander to nazis?

Anyway, pretty much everyone hated him except a tiny little crowd of white shirts.

I don't know what's funnier, that or this quote from some point in the night:

"I'm not going home, I will stand here all day if I have to," a combative Spencer told the crowd.

The he went home early.

Honestly, the entire thing is a treasure trove of hilarity and good vibes. Check this out:

Just. Can we be this awesome when it comes to standing up to police brutality? Or gentrification? Or rape culture? Pretend those are nazis or something.

What the Oh My Fucking Help Me

Okay. Not long ago I asked for the end to the safe spaces hysteria. I got the exact opposite. The EXACT opposite. What does that look like? Well.

Conservative group dons diapers to protest safe spaces at Kent State

Same, Conan. ......


Turning Point USA, a right-wing student group, dressed in diapers and played inside of playpens Thursday on the campus of Kent State University. The stunt was designed either to protest the use of safe spaces or to air a repressed sexual fetish, depending on who you ask.

If you have to ask, you may not want to even see the next headline I'm gonna link, but:

Diaper Fetish: Everything You Want to Know But Don’t Want to Ask

Yeah. That's a thing. Did these young right-wing college students know that? I'm guessinggggggggg no.

Diaper fetish or no diaper fetish, I'm not sure how these kids could have possibly humiliated themselves more for the cause of protesting something that does not need to be protested in the  slightest. Like, I can't imagine something that needs to be protested less. Maybe toe socks? Triple berry cobbler? Videos of kittens playing with puppies?

Safe spaces are by definition non-threatening. By definition, you do not have to attend a safe space. They're just spaces made by already oppressed people where they can have a decent chance of not having to deal with bullshit, microaggressions, and bigoted assholes for a bit. Literally that is all. And for that, we get this:

They couldn't even get their fucking signs right like what is this???

Click to enlarge and see that fucked up sign lmao
At this point I'm willing to entertain the idea that these are secret leftists trying to make the right look bad. Because how do you even. I mean???

One last thing. If any of the individuals who diapered up for this have siblings or cousins or others unwillingly associated with these actual man babies - you have a responsibility. If I were you, I would never let them live this down. Literally, when they're on their death bed, I would rush to their side so that I could whisper, "Oh dear brother.... remember that time.... you fuckin' dressed up in a diaper and sucked on a pacifier to make some weird point about safe spaces."

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gif of the Day

*spit take*

University of Pennsylvania is Siding With Nazis for Racism

UPDATE: This post originally stated that the university in question was Penn State, but it is in fact the University of Pennsylvania.

I was gonna say against anti-racism but that's a double negative.

Apparently, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania attempted to implement a progressive system in their classroom to try and combat racial bias. It's simply a system that allows people of color and other individuals from marginalized groups to speak first in order to make sure that all perspectives are heard. Many, many classrooms are heavily dominated by white, cishet, able-bodied and neurotypical people (and some by men), and instructors that aren't careful can end up having an entire class where only a very privileged perspective is heard.

It's really not a big deal. It's not that privileged people aren't allowed to speak. They just have to wait, and one of the able-bodied, neurotypical, cishet white dudes might not get to repeat the same thing just said by one of his less privileged counterparts in a more rambling and unnecessarily flowery fashion and somehow take credit for the idea. I went to college. I've seen it happen. Again and again.

So, very unfortunately for this professor, Twitter nazis noticed her tweeting about this and have targeted them for one of their hate campaigns. The nazis, of course, openly planned their strategy to flood the university with messages accusing them of being racist, so the professor documented this and delivered it to the college administration. They said they'd back them, but guess what?

Her account is protected now but she's asking people to help her.

Someone made a convenient Pastebin thing allowing anyone to email these individuals with a message urging them to, you know, not do exactly what NAZIS want them to do and to instead let this professor implement basic privilege-countering techniques into their classroom. The fact that this university is literally siding with a doxxing, harassing, stalking, death-threatening hate mob of fucking nazis is beyond disgusting. The fuck is wrong with them.

Quebec Bans Devout Muslim Women from Public Life

In yet another demonstration that the U.S. is definitely not the only country with an Islamophobia problem, Quebec, Canada has banned face coverings on public transit and whenever receiving any other government services.

The Canadian province of Quebec has passed a sweeping ban on face coverings – barring public workers from wearing the niqab or burqa and obliging citizens to unveil when riding public transit or receiving government services – ushering in a law believed to be the first of its kind in North America.

This is so clearly targeting Muslim women and only Muslim women, ironically forcing them into a situation like that of a very oppressive Muslim nation that doesn't let women go outside without a male escort. But so liberal, right?

Philippe Couillard, the premier of Quebec, was defensive as he addressed the new law. “We are just saying that for reasons linked to communication, identification and safety, public services should be given and received with an open face,” he told reporters. “We are in a free and democratic society. You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine. It’s as simple as that.”

Oh yes, great freedom there, attacking the religious beliefs of just the female half of one religious population. Super democracy.

This is basically a Muslim women ban.

Can you imagine having to choose between following your religious beliefs and receiving basic government services? Taking the bus, going to the unemployment office, renewing your driver's license, getting a passport? All of those are inaccessible for Muslim women in Quebec unless they want to betray their beliefs. Can you imagine if someone tried to make a law saying every Christian man has to spit on a picture of Jesus before getting on the subway?

Saudi Arabia recently lifted the ban on women driving, and Quebec makes it impossible for women who wear niqabs or burqas to get a driver's licence. You suck, Quebec.