Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Will Climate Deniers Drown Denying Climate Change?

Like I'm wondering, what will it take for these political climate change deniers to admit that something is wrong? I know their denial is politically motivated, at the very least like, "if I admit that liberals are right about one single thing my entire identity will be shattered." But like, do they have to be up to their necks in rising flood waters or staring down the flames raging toward their homes in the Pacific Northwest?

I ask because last night I had a fitful sleep because it never really cooled down and I woke up with a headache and just feeling shitty, then came out of my bedroom to find that the sunlight was a vivid orange-red. Then I went on Facebook to see reports from my local friends about ash all over their cars.

So the South is drowning, another, possibly worst hurricane ever is bearing down upon the Southeast and maybe also the entire East because it's getting that huge, and the entire Northwest is on fire.

Things are feeling a little apocalyptic here and it's got me in a mood. I might spend today writing in a new genre: apocalyptic creative non-fiction.

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