Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Violence, Cont.

I continue to see liberals, including highly visible celebrity liberals like Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee, push the idea that any kind of physical violence from leftists, no matter how minor in comparison to the nazi end-game (genocide), is bad.

Luckily Brittany Packnett, black activist and amazing human being, outlined it in an incredible Twitter thread.

There's more too it and you should read the entire thread.

The fact is that we white people have been bringing violence to largely peaceful civilizations for centuries. We come and we murder and we steal everything, and then claim it was always ours. That is our legacy going back many centuries. We stole most of the things we claim credit for, subjugated everyone who was not white, kept education and resources for ourselves, and now some of us have the audacity to claim that since we were the only ones inventing things during this time of mass subjugation, we are therefore the superior race.

Meanwhile, many of those who are not outright white supremacists still demand that those we oppressed only fight for the rights and status we stole from them and continue to withhold by our standards. Which, to many, means only protesting in ways that are so ineffective, we don't even notice it. No disruption. Not even doing a different thing during our shitty, violent national anthem.

How dare you. How dare we.

We have created so much violence. We do not deserve peace.

No justice, no peace.

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