Friday, September 1, 2017

Texans Don't Deserve This

There have been a number of individuals who have taken the opportunity presented by Hurricane Harvey, which is producing the most devastating floods seen in the U.S. since Katrina, to say that the entire state of Texas deserves this because the state went to Trump. This includes a Florida professor, who was recently fired for tweeting remarks expressing this sentiment.

Good. And I'm glad to see the right jumping on board the idea of firing toxic people, though I'm sure they'll go right back to wailing about free speech next time a white supremacist is fired for doing something incredibly racist.

But you know, what Professor Kenneth L. Storey said was racist as well. As with Katrina, and as with every disaster, it's the poor who will lose the most. It's the poor who live on the Texas coast where flood protections are completely inadequate. They are the ones who have already lost everything. And of course, the poorest among Texans are black and brown families. The ones who overwhelmingly voted against Trump. But Storey didn't think about that. In his white and middle class privilege, he never had to consider that the people who will be hurt most by Hurricane Harvey are the ones who can't afford to live on the hills, can't afford flood insurance, couldn't afford to flee.

So if you also, at any point, suggested that all of Texas deserves what's happening, consider the following:

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