Monday, September 25, 2017

Remember When Things Were Normal?

I feel like we've reached the point where, at least for a lot of people, Lord Dampnut's constant antics have become normal. But take a breath to remember that no other President of the United States of America has gotten into a pissing contest with sports players, let alone the entire NFL. Neither has any other President gotten into any kind of pissing contest on fucking Twitter, I'm assuming because A) it's beneath the office of President and B) they were too busy running the fucking country.

And it was absolutely inconceivable that any President would go on Twitter and call an NFL player, or anyone, a "son of a bitch," or publicly swear at all! President Obama never used a swear on a public platform. I'm sure he made some cusses in private, but was never even caught on tape in eight years! Because he was the fucking President and people are supposed to freak the fuck out when the President swears, let alone uses a gendered slur like "bitch." Can you imagine the absolute meltdown that conservatives would have performed if Obama had been caught on tape privately calling  someone a son of a bitch? They freaked out when he didn't wear the right color suit jacket or put his feet up on his own desk.

Even the Heritage Foundation, notorious conservative think tank, can't come up with a list of scandals Obama is responsible for. They did make a list, but compared to all the shit Trump has done in the last eight months alone, it's fucking nothing.

What have they got? THE EMAILS. And of course who can forget BENGHAZI. The closest they can come is Operation Fast and Furious, which was pretty fucked up, but considering the fact that conservatives won't even lay blame on Trump for utterly bungled attacks that he himself ordered, they can hardly blame Obama for that. I mean they can, and they sure as hell did, but it's completely hypocritical. Of course "completely hypocritical" might as well be the Republican slogan, and as of right now, I'm going to consider it to be so.

Basically conservatives spent eight years having to invent scandals to scream about while the rest of us looked at them like this:

And now that Trump is ranting about a sports organization and calling an athlete a son of a bitch on Twitter instead of running the country, we're basically all acting like this is normal because we're desperately trying to address deadly police brutality while fighting for decent health care and pretty much fighting for our lives every minute of every day so that we don't even have the time and energy to pause and say "WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS COMPLETELY ABSURD WHAT TWILIGHT ZONE WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN," and that fucks with my head.

Anyway, if you're calling black people "ungrateful," I'm 100% sure you're a racist. You know that we white people have been doing that since slave owners called their slaved ungrateful for all the food and shelter they got as fucking slaves, right? Fuck you.

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