Friday, September 15, 2017

Recommended Reading

I've had another piece published, this my first on Ravishly. I'm kinda getting awesome at this whole freelance thing so watch out, pretty soon you'll see my work everywhere.

How To Arm Your Fellow White Loved Ones Against White Nationalism

Required reading for my fellow white people and anybody who loves me.

First, you need to understand the seductive nature of the white supremacist message to white people. In reality, white people have privilege because of their race. It is therefore our responsibility to recognize that privilege within ourselves, lift up people of color, and tear down the system giving us an unfair advantage. That sounds like work, doesn’t it? And work is hard. The white supremacist’s message is that actually, you don’t need to do any of that work! Whether it’s because white privilege isn’t real; or it’s actually white people who are being persecuted right now; or, due to some twisted version of junk science that was thoroughly debunked many decades ago, white superiority is natural! So not only do you not have to do all that hard work to give up the unfair advantage you were handed, you can actually feel free to take even more from people of color and blame them for all of your problems!

I think this is really quite important. I recently spoke to a stranger on Tumblr who reached out to me because his brother marched with the nazis at Charlottesville and his family doesn't understand what the hell happened. I have a friend whose brother started going down that path, but luckily she was there to intervene. It can happened anywhere. Be vigilant.

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