Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Prison Inmates Are Being Left in Flooded Cells to Die

You know how people who have committed and been convicted of crimes are still human beings? And maybe they still deserve to have their basic needs met so that they don't die horribly? Like maybe they still have some human rights and we have a Constitution that forbids cruel and unusual punishment? And also they're people?

At one point in this country Christians rallied together to demand better conditions for prisoners because they were being subjected to unimaginable suffering and dying horribly. Once that was exposed, we decided that prisoners are people and we came up with all kinds of laws protecting them and ensuring that they get to live in reasonable conditions while they're rehabilitated. Today, we've apparently entirely given up on the rehabilitation thing and are just letting guards kill inmates at random and leaving them to starve or die from drinking contaminated water or die of thirst or die of heat stroke or die from eating spoiled food, etc. etc.

Thousands of inmates are left in Miami’s Irma evacuation zone

What is happening to those inmates now that Irma has hit? Well, let's look at what Houston's prison inmates went/are going through.

Harvey’s Victims: Prisoners Drink Toilet Water in a Fight to Survive Under Lockdown

During Hurricane Harvey, Beaumont Federal Prison was put on lockdown. There are two people to a tank—it’s a small cell. There is flood water in their cells and they didn’t let them out. They were stuck in their cells for five days- cells that were flooded. They were on lockdown for five days. I spoke to my husband the very first time on September 2nd when he informed me of the conditions. August 27th was the last time I spoke to my husband before that. 
During that time, I watched the hurricane on TV. I would call the jail and say "Hey, are you moving them? Hurricane Harvey is hitting" and they would tell me they can’t give me that information. I would ask why they couldn’t tell me and then they would hang up on me. They did that about five times. 
On Saturday, they let out the inmates for an hour for the first time. After the guards found out that the inmates were contacting their families and loved ones to tell them about the conditions, they locked them all back up. When I spoke to my husband, he was angry and frustrated. There was still water in his cell. I don’t know some of the details because I didn’t want to frustrate him even more. I haven’t heard from him since.
After Hurricane Harvey, I was told they are very low on food and water. They are getting two sandwiches a day. These are grown men. They need more than two sandwiches. 
They are using the restroom in bags so they can save the toilet water. They all have been drinking the toilet water since they have been low on water supply. He said that even though the toilet water has bacteria, at this moment he didn’t care and the other prisoners didn’t care either. They are really thirsty. He said he would drink anything. He told me that if this water didn’t kill him, the conditions were going to kill him. That’s how bad it is. 
They have no air conditioning and they barely got the power back on three days ago. These prisoners haven’t even taken showers or had a hot meal since Sunday, August 27th. 
I have an email saying that two inmates in medium low have passed away because of this treatment. I found out because an inmate’s wife emailed me that. Her husband who is locked up told her. They need help.

Hey, that is horrifying!

These people are drinking toilet water and dying from these conditions and nobody's talking about it. They're human beings. The state is supposed to protect them. We're supposed to give a fuck about them. They're people. This is not acceptable.

Please care about this.

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