Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Deportation Kills


In the wake of the revocation of the DACA, a lot of people, including former President Obama, have been saying that this is wrong because dreamers have done nothing wrong. Meaning they didn't come to this country illegally, but were brought here by their parents when they were too young to make any kind of decision for themselves.

Here's the thing. It's true that canceling DACA is especially cruel and exposes Trump's absolute soullessness. But saying that undocumented immigrants did something wrong by coming here "illegally" is bullshit. Okay, sure, they technically did something the U.S. has made illegal. But this goes beyond the "is stealing bread for your starving family wrong" thing. This is "is fleeing to another country because that country ruined your country with a bullshit, completely political 'war on drugs' and general imperialism to the point that if you don't run your daughters will likely be sold into sex slavery and your sons will be forced to join a gang or die wrong?" I'm not exaggerating.

The gang violence in many parts of Latin America is horrifying and it's the U.S.'s fault. So people flee to the U.S. because it's the only decent option for their families. Or they just send fathers to work and send money back to their families who would face starvation without it. That's wrong?

That brings us to the title of this post. Deportation is not only cruel, it can and does lead to the deaths of the human beings deported. One of the reasons cancelling DACA is so cruel is that recipients are even less likely to have any family or contacts in whatever country they would be deported to. Imagine being deported to a country ravaged by violence and you don't know anyone there or have any place to stay. What the fuck would you even do? And for some people, actually those who were adults when they fled, they might have fled because they were being targeted by a gang for refusing to cooperate with them. Being sent back to that country is a fucking death sentence.

People are all shocked we have nazis in this country when we already demonize, scapegoat, round up, put in concentration camps, and then ship off to their deaths a specific and racialized group of people. If you're cool with this because some of them did something technically illegal out of utter desperation then honestly, you're terrible, don't talk to me.

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