Monday, September 11, 2017

Afternoon Announcements

Hello fellow feminists! This is a post to announce that I am planning to re-create this blog under a new name and URL. Not Sorry Feminism is okay but the fact is that there are good reasons to be sorry, regardless of gender. Apologizing isn't bad, even if women are generally taught to do so too much. And I thought of something better.

I've long been bitter that transphobes and racists have ruined the name of radical feminism. Aside from racist roots and TERFs, I believe in radical feminism. I believe that we need radical change, not just in terms of gender equity, but in terms of race, class, size, sexuality, ability, etc. Things need to change radically or they will not really change at all. In fact, I believe we are in need of a full-on revolution.

Introducing Revolutionary Feminism! It takes all the good parts of radical feminism and leaves behind the boring transphobia and racism, and acknowledges the need for greater change beyond just that of gender relations. All the oppressed need to be lifted up, and that means revolutionary change. Abolishing capitalism, for example.

Instead of radfems, we'll be revfems! Vroom vroom get in losers we're going to smash the patriarchy!

So that should all go down in the next couple months. I'm hoping to build a better site, by which I mean getting a professional to do it. All the old content will migrate over and I'll do the whole redirect thing to make it easy for my couple of regular readers. I've already bought the domain and I'm excited to spread the word of Revolutionary Feminism!

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