Friday, August 25, 2017

We Were Always Suspicious of the New York Times

The recent attacks on the news media and journalism by the right including the president (for now) have been, frankly, fucking terrifying. But it's also goddamn bizarre and annoying to see them throw the entire idea of any journalism that isn't 100% and militantly right-wing be thrown into the category of 100% "fake news." And you know, they're not wrong to mistrust big corporate media companies like the New York Times or CNN. Before the whole "fake news" hysteria, I and people like me, those you might call "social justice warriors," had been critical of these capitalist money pits that had increasingly been only caring about the number of hits they could get off of their ridiculous headlines.

As a feminist, I'd also been mistrustful and highly critical of mainstream media for routinely supporting rape culture and engaging in victim blaming. Not to mention the way they would drag the name of every black person ever shot by police through the mud while publishing every good deed committed by horrible white criminals. And the mugshot thing? I've never considered these gutless, status-quo-loving, nothing-is-more-important-than-money fuckers to be at all trustworthy. Not because they're far left propagandists, because LOL. But because they're milquetoast centrists too scared to upset anybody in power to even stop shitting on the people without any.

And now I feel like I have to defend these corporations because these alt-right shitheads are threatening our entire freedom of the press by calling these money-fuckers "fake news." The news isn't fake. They don't have the guts to make up news to support any cause other than the one in their pockets. They just present the news in a way that supports the oppressors at the expense of the oppressed, which the alt-right actually loves. But the second the mainstream media starts to a little bit listen to our constant screaming complaints demanding that they present the facts fairly, in comes President Fake News.

Fuck you assholes. I hope you feel good when you're arrested for criticizing Lord Dampnut in your online sewers.

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