Tuesday, August 29, 2017


I had money-making stuff to do this morning so that's why I'm late posting, plus also some assholes being assholes all over my Twitter accounts, defending their asshole buddy Roger Dubar. They're more of the same kind of people, only one is a (supposedly/very white passing) Indian/Pakistani woman who claimed to have a PhD, so that's huge bummer. I hate it when people who should know better are Like That but what are you gonna do?

I wouldn't care so much, but I know that his Islamophobia is going to contribute to violence against Muslims, and I dread to even think about what will happen if a trans person has to lay their eyes upon the fucking awful fake magazine cover he did about trans people. Seriously, if you're trans, don't look.

I'm so unbelievably sick of having to deal with people who think that magical humor words can magic away harm. I don't even care what you say is the intent of the content. Only making fun of a certain kind of trans person? Still harmful. Making fun of the way liberals act about trans people? Still harmful. Making fun of the way right-wing assholes make fun of trans people? STILL HARMFUL. But there is no stated intent, and I'm pretty sure that's intentional so Roger can claim whatever intent he wants for whatever situation to avoid any accountability.

Guess what? Doesn't work. Still harms. And people are still gonna call you out. At least if they should have the misfortune of ever coming upon your pathetic website, which they probably won't unless you @ them with some bullshit like you did to me.

All this is just such old news. It's 2017. We've already has this discussion. Your bad humor is harmful, and you're free to still do it but you're not free from being called an asshole for it.

At least I got the chance to call a mediocre white dude mediocre. I bet no one has ever pointed that out to him before. It's part of the feminist job description to point out to white dudes that they're actually not at all remarkable or special, despite what they've been told all their lives. And whether they know it or not, that epiphany helps them, too, at least if they can on any level admit to themselves that it's true before they die in mediocrity.

Hopefully this will be the last of it. I don't need people personally coming to my Twitter pages to remind me that so many humans are massive disappointments living a life of denial and self-serving thinking.

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