Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Term "Alt-Left" Was Created By Neo-Nazis

Oooookay, so I guess now it's up to me and my very important and often-read blog (lol just kidding) to clear up all the misinformation being spread around about the term "alt-left."

No, The Telegraph, it was not coined by Donald Trump. I know this because asshats from the actually existing "alt-right" have been throwing it around for several months already, and you should really know that, even if you are a U.K. publication.

No, Vanity Fair, it's not everybody to the left of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, nor everybody critical of them, nor is it these mythical "Trumpian leftists," because that is an oxymoron. Nor is it "a problem, too."

No, Time, it is not a thing inspired by Bernie Sanders. And no, Gil, it did not viciously attack you.

No, New Republic, it was not something partially created by liberals, though you're right, they are happily helping to spread the term now, thanks a lot, liberals, you're being helpful as always. To the right.

It was also not just made up by "the right." It is yet another term coined in neo-nazi forums to be pushed as a direct turn-around of "alt-right" due to the fact that "alt-right" has been used derisively by leftists since the term emerged. It is yet another case of the worst of the white supremacists taking leftist language used to attack or just describe them and twisting it around to attack us. They do this because I guess they aren't clever enough to come up with their own shit, but also because it's a deliberate gaslighting technique meant to confuse us, piss us off, and throw us off our game. They do it all. the. time.

It wasn't made up by the standard, non-alternative right to create a false equivalence between leftists and the alt-right that keeps giving Republicans such bad press, but people like Sean Hannity and other right-wing fuckoffs do use it that way constantly. Do they realize they're parroting language invented by nazis? I'm sure they would deny it if they did.

It's also being used by David Duke to attack Black Lives Matter and antifa, the main subjects of his nightmares right now. But to be clear, neither of these groups have burned entire cities down, murdered cops, or attacked "thousands." I mean, maybe over time antifa has "attacked" thousands since their history goes back many decades, but you have to use the term "attack" to describe self-defense and driving fascists out of their communities. I guess in the way that Buffy the Vampire Slayer "attacked" hundreds of vampires. Yes I am saying fascists have no souls. No I am not saying I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer was real.

At best, the "alt-left" was coined by the "alt-right" as a derogatory term, which is weird because it suggests that "alt-right" is an insult? Yet it's been oddly effective, same as a lot of their tactics. Hypocrisy and self-burns don't phase them. I'm pretty sure I can dig up screenshots of the use of "alt-left" being planned in nazi forums but my brain is fried from a morning migraine right now, so I'll add those later if I can find them. And if not, remember, the "alt-right" might as well be nazis, and are absolutely used as a stepping stone to full nazism.

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